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About Me
I love Cyber Goth music <3

I don't know any HTML XD

I'm kooky, dead, in a relationship with a vampire.

My results of personality quizes:
What is the color of your thoughts

You are creative, beautiful and helpful. But you get angry easily; control your anger and see how pretty is life.

What kind of Dragon are you?

Water Dragon
Also known as the Sea Dragon. You may have a cool exterior, but your temper couldn't be hotter. You are very loyal and value your home, family and possessions over all else and will defend it with your life. Anyone who poses as a threat may end up mangled, so people don't mess with you.

What kind of anime character are you?

Ur usually the bad guy in the story. loves to hurt people and see them in pain. You laugh in the face of danger. MWAHAHAH!!!!

What should you work on?

You need to build your self-esteem!
You are super cool, but you don't always feel it, but you totally should! Now is the best time to kick-start your confidence. Always feeling like you should be alone, or do mindless things because you feel worthless is simply not true! Try writing your strengths down in a journal or notebook, that way when you feel down you can remind yourself how great you are! Or try taking a bubble bath with a good book or magazine, the warm water should make you feel at least a little better about life!

Are you happy?

You're okay
You are pretty normal. Sometimes you feel alone, but not all that much. You go through life with ease, but maybe you feel that there's a small weight that is constantly slowing you down. There is a small hole that you can never seem to fill, and maybe you can't even figure out what it is. Try to figure out what that whole is and try to fill it. Maybe its problems with friends, family, crush, boyfriend/girlfriend? But just continue the way you're going 'cause you seem to have found a pretty good path through life

Whats your romatic personality?

True Romance!
You know what love is really about! You know that love is there to make up happy and not the opposite - that's why you have the most romantic and realistic out view on love!
This Valentine's day if you are single, go out with friends, have some decadent chocolate deserts, have some fun and write cards to each other!
If you have someone, then you already know what to do - spend the day together and be happy to love and be loved!

What type of girlfriend are you?

Brave Girlfriend
You don't need your boyfriend to stand up for you! Your independence might not turn on some guys, but you're also a reliable girlfriend and your guy can totally trust you.

What kind of ghost are you?

Casual Glider...
You miss your relatives, throwing parties,etc. It's easy to go places because you don't get tired from walking! You let people see you, who cares right? But it is nice once in a while to have time to yourself... You love watching people, they don't even know you're there!

What kind of fire are you?

You are a warm, loving person and you make others feel at home. You also probably have a teddy bear (c'mon, you do, don't you?)

What Japanese name fits your personality?

Maeko (mah-ay-koh)
It means "honest child."

What Does The Key To Your Heart Look Like

Turquoise with swirls and waves
The key to your heart is turquoise with waves and swirls on it, symbolising a dreamy, thoughtful and imaginative soulmate. This fits with you very well as you share the same interests as them: poetry, drawing etc. They like to share ideas and they have big dreams and they have a big mind to explore those opportunities. They are the sort of person who will give you advice and will offer to help you with things which is just what you could ever need. They are seen as shy but perhaps you could change that.
Howls Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Princess Mononke, Blood: The Last Vampire, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind,
Aesthetic Perfection, Emilie Autumn(my fav), The Birthday Massacre, Zombie Girl, Kanon Wakeshima, Ali Project,
Anime, Manga, Music, Making Faces, Scaring people with zombie make-up, Fun People, Pokemon (yes I have a dorky side =b), Friends!, my bf <3, Vampires, Zombies, and all other mythological creatures.


Le Portrait de Petit Cossette
Pandora Hearts
Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl)
Soul Eater
Darker Than Black
Ergo Proxy
Kaichou wa Maid-Sama
Deadman Wonderland
Vampire Princess Miyu

Emilie Autumn (Me = 100% Plague Rat)
Aesthetic Perfection
Zombie Girl
The Birthday Massacre
Hate In the Box
Bugs eww..., Racism, Sexist, People who think they are better then everyone else, home work (but ya gotta do what ya gotta do), Thick Headed people, People who cuss to make themselves feel superior,


More anime.

Watching music vids.

Finding new bands to listen to.


Poking things with a stick.



And that's bout it.
I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It

Vail of Roses

Savoring the Day

Does manga count? XD

Manga books:
Pandora Hearts
Vampire Knight
Bitter Virgin (not what it sounds like)
Deadman Wonderland