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February 24, 2017
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About Me
Everything on here was so outdated. xD

Basically I'm a member from before DN had it's huge update. I do prefer the old set-up and as far as if I'll ever come back and be active and post...no.
I make small visits mostly for polls to make to have a quick set of opinions before I make my move in art or something.

I only post my art in deviantart now but even then I'm not all that active there...

But if there's one big fact you have to know about me.... I LOVE CHARACTERS. xD I'm obsessed in a sense and own quite a lot and work on them quite a bit. Sadly I've let my life kind of be revolved around them as most of what I do is for the sake of them.
I'm still creating new ones and am always happy for new recruits. :D I have some given to me and even CO-OWNED!!! <3 2 co-owned with my best friends, and recently 1 with my boyfriend. <3
Yeah.... xD I'm a nut for characters.