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People say that i am a good artist for my age... I am kind and funny, and ONLY read the warrior cat seris. My fav animals are cats and horses,and parrots, and... ya know wat, i love all animals X3 I really wanna be a vet when im older, i know how to treat acouple of ingurys already!Im also a good photographer. I DO CUSS. I HAD facebook but i got banned, U can say i have an "emo" style, but i cant be emo cuz my life does not suck. Here is somthing random that Clawtail did during Rp: claw-*pads in and sits. she hears another noise in the bushes. and a foxs scent flew by. the same scent she smelled at snakerocks. she prickes her ears and suddenly a large fox bigger than her jumped out. then all the memorys of what happend a long long time ago flew by. she once encounterd a huge fox but knew she could not win that battle. but that same fox the next day took the live of ebonyclaw the former deputy. she always felt guilty but tanglestar kept convincing her its not her fualt. but she wants revenge by fighting any fox. her memmorys dissapeared as the fox stepped up to her. her eyes darkend with anger as she launched herself and the fox. the fox tryed to get her off of his back. but clawtail bit hard and laft 3 deep wounds on its back. she got off and backend away hissing. the fox leaped at her delivering 2 wounds on her shoulders. with out hesitation, she went strait to its throat. she felt her teeth sink into the fox as blood gushed out of the fox onto her pelt. she knew she will win this battle. the fox yowled and collapsed. clawtail proud of her revenge and she looked at the sky whispering "im sorry ebonyclaw for your death* she licked off some blood of her pelt and left the fox and padded away to camp proud.*
Avatar, Legend of the guardians, >_>... family guy
I really love the warriorcats seris by erin hunter. I like to horseback ride, and i LOVE my cat Lola, and i have an obsession with drawing. i forgot the most important thing.....PIE! I DO cuss at skool, >_> I did have facebook but i got banned -_- You can say i have an emo "style", but my life does not suck at the moment. I LOVE to lissten to music.
I dont like mean rude people, and "no it alls". i also dont like people that treat kids like they are mind-less.
Drawing, Horseback riding, skiing, reading, did i mention drawing?! lol >_<
WARRIOR CATS FOR EVA! either that, i dont read >_>