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*Welcome to my Profile*

My name is Rally (wiiiiyoouh <- *sound of really fast car if you wonder WTF?? *)
And I live in OHH-NOOO a.k.a. Bulgaria. Great place... not.I have two bigger bros (Mario(29) and Luigi(26))and we are.. well, the Bulgarian -kind of- Yakuza!! How sweet, isn't it? Naaaah, we are just always-fighting-about-nothing-actually-not-fighting-at-all-just-killing-each-other" type of siblings.And I have a niece form Mario (which name is not Mario) And she is so adorable and sweet and adorable!!! WITH BLUE EYES MAH FAVORITES! May 10th is her B-day, don't forget it. It's important. I really love to listen to very loud metal, just to piss my dad off! Muahaha, I love to hate him! ]:D And I eat very much, but I never get fat which is awesuum. Myself in one word - LAZY. My room is about 2.5x3 meters big, which makes it a closet. MY closet. So I don't need to get out of the bed, everything is on one hand distance! And I lay whole day, watching movies or drawing. Yes, I draw in my bed. And, yes, I have a desk but I too lazy to get there, and also it's full with useless stuff = there's no enough space on the desk. And in bed is more comfortable. That's little part from the all for now. Bye. Smile

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Fortune Cookie Toy

For God's sake TOY STORY!! Mah best friend always told me that is a bullshit but for me it's one of the coolest animations ever! Every Pixar creation is a magic for me but Toy Story is my fav!

Currently watching Vampire Diaries with my Mom.
I realy, Realy, REALLY like A Day to Remember! Such an awesome band! Also one of my favs are Avenged Sevenfold. Hope Die Last.. maybe XD Hah, and Fall Out Boy! :3 Love their job!!! Also Pink, she is like an big big idol for me, cool personality, great voice and reallyyy awesome lyrics to her songs!(Although I don't really like that color, haha.) Linkin Park was one of my old faves, but the new album was exactly EPIC FAIL! I was so disappointed. TT.TT I'm currently obsessed with Nightwish (Tuomas Holopainen's fault! He is too cool to not be obsessed with him *i should put his name in hobbies*) And I was very obsesed with Slipknot, Soulfly and Children of bodom the last summer, but not anymore. i can write alll daaaaay long na na
So much things!! Music, Guitars, doing Portraits and drawing stuff at all, uum, cuddling at my plushie teddy bear, chocolate, music, LOUD music, my mom hah, playing basketball, reading .. toilet paper and maybe books if i'm too bored, filming my niece when she is doing something so stupid-funny! Adorable little creature, yep. Staring at people to scare the [email protected]# out of them. I LIKE BOOYS. Do I? Being crazy Muppet and writing weird stuff on the Internet. Like... everything on this page. Wink Enjoy~!
CHEESE~!! Umm, and Bella mhaha. Weird, I uesed to like these books before, or at least the first one. Now I think that they can be used best as a kindling. *burn-burn* When some people think they are much better then the others. THAT PISSES ME OFF! Because some people have too big noses or their hair looks strange or they are gays or black, THAT DOESENT MATTER! They are people just like you. There is no need to hate someone for who he/she is, or how he/she looks. Everyone has something strange and weird, yet unique in themselves. Just beat with it. I doooon't likee white chocolate! It don't contain cocoa, so it's NOT CHOCOlate! (for me at least) !!!!
My biggest hobby after drawing of course, is playing the guitar. One friend of mine gave me this baby a year ago (I save her from his fireplace!!YAY)
Its reaaaally old acoustic guitar, it's not the best guitar but still it's fine for a beginner.
Another my hobby is.... STOKING YOUTUBERS! MUHAHAHA FEAR MY STOKING ABILITIES!!! I CAN FIND WHERE YOU LIVE! And listening to music, who doesn't love that? And I have mania to fill every wall in my room with posters and drawings (including the ceiling). 3 and 1/2 already filled, 1 1/2 to go. Collecting train tickets is another of my hobbies, because I use train twice a day - to go to school and to return home after that of course. Ah, and I collect plushies too.
I'm obsessed with Terry Pratchett books "Discworld". Great fantasy author, his weird comparisons and witty dialogs make me smile. Just...awesome author, really. Smile

And HP, yes yes.