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my likes dislikes are in the boxes! um i just joined so i might need help and one of the things i need help with is does anybody know how to get a playlist on your profile!!!?? i already have one but i dont know how to put it on my profile so if anyone knows please tell meee!! so ya lolz
howls moving castle, spirited away, mononoke hime, fullmetal alchemist, naruto, kikis delivery service, most of hayo miyazakis animated films, and im too lazy to put down the rest lolz
j-pop!! j-rock, kra, orange range, asian kung fu generation, tia, lil'b, utada hikaru, panic! at the disco, techno, pop, metal, alternative, asterisk, jem, linkin park, thats it for now!!
drawing, anime, reading, manga, bleach, naruto, akatsuki, the color purple, tokyo mew mew, howls moving castle, spirited away, fullmetal alchemist, mononoke hime, canoing, fishing,kingdom hearts, laughing, talking to friends, writing, sleeping, day dreaming, nature, hiking, j-pop, pop, alternative, j-rock, rock, metal, techno, going places with my family, adventure, exploring, trying something new, video gaming, taking quizzes, music, some country/rap songs but very little, death note, naruto shippuden. some of my fave pairs are: deisaku, nejiten, sasusaku, shikayuya, sasosaku, shikatema, shikaino, tenlee, gaarahina, naruhina, shinohina, somewhat deiino, lol thats what i like!!
fighting, violence, sadness, anger, death, war, cutting down trees, when they cancel my fave shows on tv, getting annoyed, not laughing, not drawing, um lol i cant think of much stuff that i dislike so thats it for now lolz
drawing manga, reading sleeping day dreaming, sewing, joking around with friends, listening to music, playimg music, meeting new people, camping, coloring, practicing to become a comic book author/illustrator, acting, biking, hiking, being outdoors, shopping for books clothing dvds ect, watching anime, exploring places, roleplaying with friends, aaand i guess thats it! ^_^;
comic books, novels, horror, comedy, adventure, romance, ect, bleach, naruto, fullmetal alchemist, the tale of depardeaux, ect!!!