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About Me
heres what i look like:
dirty blonde straight hair
hazel eyes (might turn brown)
white skin
if my hair gets messy a little bit a curl will form on my hair

i saw this commercial that said "Long straight hair is so last year!" THEY R WRONG!!!!!!! long straight hair is this year! take that commercial! >Smile it was something yoou have to put IN your hair so u look like a MESS!!!

i love newfies they r big and cuddly!!! i might get 1 if my mom says YES!! if i got him ill let him sleep in my room!!! i might get landseer (black & white) or black...

i am a princess too!!! :D i became a princess at this place called Medieval Times. I went there with my friend and her friend. Her friend is called Princess Crystal and my friend is called Princess Diamond and i am Princess Sapphire. Medieval Times has good food there too! They have tomato soup (they call it dragons blood), Ribs, Roasted Chicken, and a cooked Potato! They also give u paper hats and there is teams. There is green,Red and Yellow, Blue, Yellow, and Black and White. I know theres 1 in dallas texas ppl!!

I love playing Pokemon Diamond!!! It is really fun and Pichu is my favorite pokemon!

I make alot of drawings so scroll through em cuz im a good drawer!
OMG MOVIES RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
here r my top 5:
1. Ice Age
2. Homeward Bound
3. Peewee's playhouse
4. Snow Dogs
5. Air Buddys
CLASSIC ROCK IS MY FAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love the beatles and led zepplen
my fav beatles song is yellow submarine and love
my fav song from led zepplen is stairway to heaven
build-a-bearville (yay!!!)
newfies (landseers rule!!!)
i LOVE swimming under water!!!
sweets (cookies r the best!!!)
my cat buddy boy (hes black so dont call me bad)

there might be fred haters and fred lovers so dont insult me cuz fred is HILARIOUS!!!!!! and my cat buddy boy is like a dog!!! he wakes up my mom in the middle of the night to go out cuz he is scared of the litter box!!! and he follows me around every where i GO!!!!!
i hate hannah montana (look at my hilarious group pic of hannah montana being eaten by wolves)
i REALLY hate my annoying brother (he tells me to COMPLAIN!!!)
i hate sour candy
i hate my prescription medicine (called Luvox)
and worst i hate dogs growling at me

the reason i hate sour candy is because i hate sour stuff. and hannah montana has TERRIBLE singing
I LOVE collecting build-a-bears
my fav one is named Swirly Doo

here r all my build a bear names:
bella Bear
girly girl Cat
mappy Dog
marty Bunny
swirly doo Bear

i love swimming underwater with my special water mask
i dont read books they make me get a headache soooo i read magazines instead
i used to read this magazine called plushie pals but then my mom forgot to subscribe Unhappy