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hi im amber but i befur to be called lui im 17.. i love macking new frends...i live in victouria austalia.. and i go to yea high school. i love my school even thow i have had hurd times at school..i live not that far from where black satarday was... that was a hard week for a lot of schools where i live...sobsobsob...

i am trying to get in to the defence fouces...
i like how i am i dont like people that juge what they see in front of them with out meating them..
i have 5 sisters and 11 brothers they r

sisters/ allie15,red14,beth14,sarah15and annette38/
brothers ben20, shane15, brat18, corbs15,alix14,anderw nerly40,john13,jo9, i have twin brothers shane and kenzie17...

i have a big family not all peoplez are folly ralaterd and some are adopded andothers live over seas but thats not therir folt...

i go to church it ceaps me sain and i love having that in my life..

i gru up having a hard life...

if ud like to now more about me just send me a email and ill get back to u as soon as posibal...

my hotmail is
[email protected]
love the dark night the tip of movies i like r horra, truestorys made in to ethre just movies or hora movies, comady, and more...
all music is good 4 me... music is one thing that keeps me alive so i need it i lisen to it all the time buy sept wen im at skool coz im non alowed.
boys... freinds, my 5 sisters that r really close frends and one is my cuzen and my 11 brother alix.....,my family.... i love my dogs miny, august and gypsy...i love my hourses bandit, mick, sam sam and elie...i love my boy luke means the world to me..
people that look at me and think im not nice what eva but i ame. some one called judy has f****d my life and i hate her for it no one in my family like her but my dad.....
i love motobick riding,horse riding,talking and spending time with frends and family..