This has been bugging me for such a freakin' long time, so I might as well get it over with now. I know you've been waiting for this for a while now, so here you go. BTW, this chapter is really long. Bear with me here.

Cold Slayer: Chapter 4: Before the Fortunes

“So, you told me that you’re a dragon slayer. Is that correct?” Isabella asked.
“Well, I’m just a beginner and I’m still in training. I haven’t slayed any real dragons before. I’m kind of disappointed because of that.” Phineas replied, blushing.
“What do you mean ‘any REAL dragons’?” Annabelle sort of found that a little humorous for a minute.
“Heh, heh. I think I’ve said enough.” Phineas’ whole face turned bright crimson in embarrassment.
“Ah, Phineas Flynn is it? Good to see you again. Why are you back so soon? Parched that fast?” Ferb asked.
“Hello, Ferb. I’m back just to get a sip and go.” Phineas told Ferb.
“Who’s the beautiful young lady? Dating already?” Ferb teased.
Isabella and Phineas inched away from each other.
“No. Not yet *blush*. This is Isabella from Scotland. She’s a professional archer.” Phineas said smiling with a dash of pride… somewhere.
“Yes. That’s me. I'm just a little archer from Scotland. I wish that old infidel would have listened to me instead of sending me to Mongolia. Oh, I mean, can I have a cup of Dragon Lillie tea with a small shot of caramel?” Isabella was afraid of telling her desperate wish that she knew would absolutely never come true. That wish was her life.
“Sure, young lady. By the way, I have some news to inform you two of. Something amazing has arrived in Northern Asia. He’s a fortune teller from India. He has the amazing ability to tell anybody’s fortune at any time necessary! Nobody has ever seen the fortune teller’s face because he is very secretive in many ways. Having conversation with him is like trying to drink water from the tip of a needle. He just tells your fortune, explains the meaning, and sends you forth. You’ll be lucky if you even get to really talk to him. If you want to have your fortune told, he’s deep into the desert. His tent is set up there. Do you want to go?” Ferb explained the details of the fortune teller carefully and made sure that Isabella and Phineas digested all the details.
“Dragon’s breath! That sounds amazing! Would you want to go Phineas?” Isabella asked with hope and excitement in her eyes.
Phineas looked over at Isabella then looked away and shrugged. “I-I don’t really know. I don’t think it would benefit us or our journey. I mean, like Ferb said. The fortune teller won’t even make conversation. If he doesn’t make conversation, then we won’t get very much out of going there. I’ll bet no one has gone yet because the quality is probably cheap.”
“What? No. The fortune teller uses every method of fortune telling that ever existed. Palm reading, tarot reading, séance, horoscope, fire, you name it! It’s probably the most reliable, accurate fortune reading in the world in my opinion.” Ferb was shocked to hear that Phineas called the fortune teller quality cheap.
“Well, if you insist.” Phineas shrugged again and started walking toward the tavern exit.
“Alright, then let’s get going down that road! I just hope he can undo the spell the old woman put on me.” Isabella felt excited because there was more confidence in her than ever before.

“Are we there yet? I’m getting so darn tired.” Isabella complained while trudging.
“Yeah. I’m tired too and I’m thirsty. Please tell us that we’re close.” Phineas said, dragging his feet and sword on the ground. “I don’t think I can walk much further carrying all this stuff on my back.”
“Don’t worry. We’re close. I promise. In fact, the fortune teller’s tent should be around these grounds.” Ferb said, also tired, but looking more alive than any of the others.
“Finally, we’re close. Wait. Wait a sec. Why are we in the middle of nowhere?” Isabella asked. Looking around, she saw absolutely nothing but sand, sand, and sand.
“The teller set up his tent where he could be away from civilization. He likes to be alone most of the time.” Ferb answered. Squinting to focus on what he saw in the distance, Ferb thought he saw a purple triangle. “Wait a minute. I see a little triangle.”
“Now’s not the time for I Spy, Ferb!” Isabella snapped.
“Hey, come on! My head’s not that small, is it?” Phineas questioned.
“No, not you, Phineas. It’s purple.” Ferb looked up at the sun and then back at the tent. “Look east. Is that the teller’s tent?” The flaps of the tent blew out in the wind as a person stepped out of it.
“Whoa, hang on. Who’s that?” Isabella asked looking towards the man. The man seemed to be looking up at the clouds with a scroll. Then, he looked over his shoulder, saw the threesome and scrambled quickly back into his tent.
“Maybe that’s the fortune teller. Come on! Let’s go!” Phineas yelled in excitement.
Isabella grabbed onto the back of Phineas’ shirt collar. “Stop! We’ve already been seen and probably if he sees us again up close, he’ll have a heart attack. Let’s stay back for a bit and see what he does BEFORE WE START YELLING TO ADVANCE AND BARGE RIGHT INTO HIS TENT!” Isabella screamed in Phineas’ face.
“Can you chill for a second? I was just excited.”
“Okay, okay. I think you’re the one who needs to chill.” Isabella muttered.
Apparently, Phineas heard the slight whisper and then wound up his fist. Ferb grabbed a hold of Phineas’ wrist and pushed it down. “Will you stop it? Both of you! How about we just approach the poor guy slowly and relax.” Ferb suggested, glaring at Isabella.
“Yeah, Phineas… Slowly.” Isabella remarked back at Phineas. Phineas narrowed his eyes at Isabella in disgust. The three walked up to the tent and took a deep breath. They joined hands, slowly took a step forward, and heard a slightly high-pitched accented voice.
“Welcome, guests. You may enter…”
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