The following story contains grimdark content and may be upsetting or unconfortable for some readers. Reader Discretion is advised.


The Series of mysterious adventure waits once again with a truly insane sequel to the Fan fiction to the infamous Call of Duty: ‘Hard to Believe’. A True inspiration to the adventures of 6 Ponies who gathered their strengths in the past of 1944, return for more mischief and surprise. In this mysterious pony tale, Marisa, shocked about her father’s history, tries to resurrect her mother after information was told. But things turn around to Chaos as she finds out her resurrected soul is nothing more than a sinister demon, plotting the destruction and death of Equestria. It’s now only up to Chii, Marisa’s father, Apathy, and Ford Mustang to save Marisa from the Possession of the horrible monster. Follow Chii’s words as she tells of the horrible adventure to save. her friend from death. A sad thing to feel when you know you’re being Possessed.
SUNDAY – January 4th, 2013 – 7:00 AMEdit

Marisa and I relaxed in the winter morning, in a chatting room on the Xbox 360. Nothing was special, just regular talking. My brother was out with my dad, fixing the now beaten-up truck outside because of Hurricane Olivia. Man, she hurt us bad. The power came back on recently, after a week. It was insanity. Just picture no Games for a week, the horror.

I continued to talk to her. She sounded like she was sad but she didn’t tell me what was wrong until I asked her again for the 4th time. She spoke, her headset opening up and ready to voice her through mine.

“Chii, I always wondered who my mother was. I never seen her,” She said to me, in a sad way. I as well answered back. “Marisa, why are you worrying?” She sighed through the mike, and replied, “I just don’t want to think about it, but it won’t stop running in my head. It sucks to find out about your father being a famous video game character from 1944.” She continued on. I jumped in with the middle of her word. “I wish I could hug you right now and yell ‘CHIIXZIG!’ But I can’t so just hold on in there, Marisa. Don’t worry. Don’t be upset about it.”

Marisa and I joined each other’s games, and played for 2 hours. I said funny jokes, which made her feel better because that’s one of my good talents is to joke around. I kept playing until I heard a car door shut outside. Then I gasped. It was my brother. He always spazzed out if he found I was on his Xbox because mine was slower than his. My eyes widened, and I quickly mentioned to Marisa. “Hey, I got to go. My brother’s home and he’ll kill me if I’m on here.”

“That’s okay. Please return when you can. I’ll be lonely.” She said back to me. She sighed, which made me a little upset. “It’s okay Marisa. Try to hold in tight. I’m with you.”

“Thanks.” She finally replied.

I Got offline and turned off his Xbox quickly before my brother could enter the house. As I heard the door to the entrance of the house open, I galloped to my room quickly, whipped out my sketchbook, and pretended I was drawing something. I sat quietly, innocently drawing another landscape cartoon type-thing, when my brother opened my door and looked at me with a suspicious smirk on his face. “Were you on my Xbox again?” He was on to me.

“What are you talking about?” I sat, and continued to sketch while he went on with what he had to say.

“My Controller was moved from my gaming seat to on top of the Xbox, and it was warm.”

My eyes widened as I heard him continue. “Um, Well, I...”

“Yeah, you sure didn’t do it. I guess the Xbox fairy did it. I’ll blame the Xbox fairy if I ever find her.” He stomped out of my room. “Well that was huffy.” I whispered to myself, and continued sketching.
SUNDAY – January 4th, 2013 –7:30AM

I got a call from Marisa. She was happy as ever could be when I picked up the phone, with unbelievable words.

I was playing on my Xbox, like usual, with Ford Mustang on Black Ops again. We were gaming for an hour until my Dad shouted across the hallway from the kitchen.

“Chii! Your friend’s on the phone!”

My friend? I assumed it was Ford, because he stopped suddenly and quit early on his game, but his name wasn’t offline. I got out of my room, and picked up the phone that was on and waiting for me to give speech. It was Marisa.

“Hey, Chii! I have an idea, but I need your help!” She was definitely in a good mood by her tone of voice.

“Idea?” I was confused.

“Well, first, I’m excited! Want to know why?” “Um, Why?” I giggled in my head. Marisa was just being Marisa, hyper and crazy.

“There is a late assembly at school tomorrow on congratulating the Veterans and the ponies that fight for us, and some will come on stage and say what they have to say and one of them will be my dad!”

“Wait, isn’t congratulating veterans at an assembly supposed to be on Veterans Day?” I asked.

“Well, duh. That’s why I said ‘late’ assembly Chii!”

I rolled my eyes.

“I can just picture Dempsey on stage.” I continued.

“It’s going to be awesome! And after he’s done, and I get home I’m going to try to do research on Resurrection.”

My eyes widened. “Why?” I had a nervous idea about why she was going to do what she said she will do. “I’m going to find who my mother is. It’s the only way, but I need you to help me because you’re the unicorn.”

“Marisa, Resurrection is messing with the facts of life and death. Are you sure you want to do that?”

“I want to see my mom and who she is.” She started getting a small bit of sad in her voice; think I’m declining her invitation.

I sighed. “Are you sure? Absolutely sure?”

“Yep.” “Fine then. I’ll go with you, but just keep yourself safe. You think of the spell in your head, come near me, and I’ll cast it. Then, we could just get it over with.”

“Thanks, Chii! You’re the best! I don’t know why I thought you would not accept my invitation.” She was happy again. It relieved me, but I sure was nervous of what she would do.
Monday – January 5th, 2013 –11:15 AM

It was the day of the assembly. We were all on our way in to the auditorium, Marisa next to me. I’ve never seen her so happy in all my life. She had the biggest grin on her face. She finally spoke when we sat down next to each other.

“I’m so excited. Are you ready for tonight?” Marisa questioned. “What about tonight?” I replied back to her.

“Duh, when we go to the graveyard and do the spell.”

“Tonight?” I looked at her, confuzzled. “I didn’t know it was tonight.” “Well, we got to do it sometime this week.”

“Yeah, I know that”. I put my head down for a second until the assembly started. Marisa’s face had a huge grin, staring at the talking stallion that stood forth.

“Um, Marisa. Dempsey didn’t even show up yet.” I told her. “I know, but the only ponies I really think are good to us are the ponies that Fight for us!” She cheered.

I rolled my eyes, and the stallion started talking to all the students.

“As you all know, the veterans and Sergeants who fight for our freedom have been able to come to us today to talk about their experiences. Let’s just please stand for the Pledge before we continue.”

“Um, Marisa.” I waved my hoof at Marisa’s face. Her smile was bigger than her face. It really started to creep me out, but oh well, that’s just Marisa being Marisa. We all stood, sang our hearts out to the pledge, and sat back down and continued.

“To start, we’ve brought a Fighter from the military to speak to you all about the experiences and the care of his team apon the adventures in the military. We’ve all known that the Army fights for our freedom to live our daily lives, and that every day we live because of the soldiers out there. So for a half hour to talk with a military soldier, let’s welcome Sergeant Dempsey to the stage”.

Everypony started clapping, but the clapping wasn’t the only thing that nearly hurt my ears to the point of them bleeding, it was Marisa, sitting next to me screaming “THAT’S MY DAD! THAT’S MY DAD! WHOO!” Jumping up and down in the seat. Everypony looked at her, including Dempsey, who smiled at her and waved. She squealed when he responded back to her after cheering. Then, he started his speech.
Monday – January 5th, 2013 –9:56 PM

“It was so sad!” Marisa was almost in tears again, on our way to the Ponyville Rose vine Cemetery. “His friend…died in front of him!” she continued her crying marathon. She has been crying ever since we left the assembly, and it was annoying me, in an upset way.

“Marisa, calm down. You should be over it by now.” I patted her on the back to make her feel better. She smiled when she looked at me, and stopped crying. “You’re awesome.” She told me.

“I know.” I gave a smiling look back at her.

We walked in the misty graveyard slowly. “Are you sure you know where you’re going and what you’re doing?”

“Yep. With enough information, I know she’s in this graveyard, to my belief.” We looked for 5 minutes, searching around the dark corpse garden, when finally Marisa’s found the gravestone. “Chii! Here it is!”

I ran up to her “You did?” I asked her and came up. It was a cross gravestone with roses on it, and the carving of a pencil and ink. The stone said “In Loving memory of”, The rest of the signature was carved on and crossed out.

“Whoa. That’s weird.” I told her.

“Yeah, I wonder what she looked like. Well, it doesn’t matter, because I’ll find out in a few minutes.”

Marisa was excited and got near me enough to power my magic up. I started the spell and a black mist came upon the grave. Marisa closed her eyes and thought the spell in her head, and then by minutes it explosively casted. Mist started surrounding Marisa very quickly and disappeared, but that’s all that happened. Her mom didn’t show up, or anything. The mist disappeared and the stone just sat there, nothing rising from the grave at least to eat us. We just sat and stood there to see nothing.

“Um, Marisa. Are you sure you cast the right spell?”

“Yes, whatever. Let’s just get out of here. This place is starting to give me shivers.” Marisa’s tone of voice changed, probably because of the sadness that the spell didn’t work.

We were on our way out of the gate doors when finally I spoke up. “Sorry it didn’t go as planned. We tried though.”

“Yes, thank you.” She said back to me. I smiled and then we continued our way back.
Tuesday– January 6th, 2013 –11:30 AMEdit

It was The 6th of January. We were at lunch in the café and I received myself regular Chicken Nuggets and fries, the usual in this school. To be honest, nothing else was good. The turkey in the subs tasted like Ice.

We all did what we did every day. Just sat, talked and ate, left, and repeat. I passed by our usual table and Ford was already sitting down with his food. The lucky kid he was. It took me a few minutes and I got mine, and I slowly came over and sat down next to him. A Minute followed us and Apathy came and sat down. The only one we waited for now was Marisa. I spoke out of nowhere. “Hey, Ford,” I was about to carry a conversation when we saw Marisa pass by the table getting her food. I then continued. “Have you played Minecraft yet?”

I honestly didn’t like the game that much, but I supposed it was anything to make up a chat party. He responded back to me in seconds. “Yeah, it’s an okay game.”

“I don’t like it that much, but it’s okay. I prefer Black Ops and Skyrim more.” I followed. Then, Marisa got her lunch and sat down. She didn’t say anything. She just sat and stared at us. I quickly asked her, “Marisa? You okay?” “I’m fine. Just new scenery.”

I was blank, and so were the other 2 stallions. “Um, nothing changed in the school.” “Oh, yeah. That’s right. Yeah, nothing changed and I’m used to everything.” Marisa raised her head. I was confuzzled big time. I shook my head quickly and then started on my conversation.

We were all done with our lunches, so today Apathy told us he would all dump our trays for us and put them away. We all said thanks, and when he left, Ford went to the lav. So it was just me and Marisa. I put my head down, nervous to say anything when Marisa started staring at me. I waved my hoof at her face, and she just kept on with her stare-down. “Marisa, Are you upset because of last night?”

She just kept staring at me. By seconds then I started to feel this burning in my stomach. It was this small pain as she kept staring at me. I closed my eyes and it kept hurting, until finally the two guys sat back down. The boiling pain stopped. Something was going on that I didn’t know about.

The bell rang and Marisa and I were on our way out of the Café, when Marisa bumped onto a couple of other female ponies on her way out of the door. She just kept walking when she bumped into them by her side, and the one pony grew angry. “Dude, that chick bumps into me almost every day.” She told her other friend, nodding in agreement.

Marisa stopped walking.

“What did you say?” She looked over to them like they had just made a huge mistake.

“You heard me, freshman.”

Marisa just stood there, and I saw it all happen. Her eyes slowly closed, and she started mumbling very silently to herself. The ponies started laughing.

“What are you doing?” They both cried in laughter.

She kept mumbling, and then her eyes opened. You could see flames in Marisa’s eyes as she stared at the two for a half-second. Then, in by a second more, the older grader’s tail was on fire. She started screaming, running around the hallway, into the bathroom with her friend following her. Marisa started giggling sinisterly, and continued her way down to her next class.

“How did you do that?” I tried asking her before she left, but she didn’t answer. She just walked away, carelessly, giggling.
Tuesday– January 6th, 2013 –2:20 PMEdit

It was time to leave school. I walked out to see all the ponies flee from the building, happy to be leaving until tomorrow. It was finally time to go to the buses, and drive home. Every pony’s favorite time of the day.

The minute the bell rang, I ran out to my locker, and got ready with my stuff. Everything was going smoother than it did before, and so Today was finally a decent day to live through, which made me happy enough. But I wasn’t worried about anything else but Marisa. She had been acting strange lately, and burning something with her eyes must be ponycraft, but I doubt Marisa would ever do anything like that.

I got onto the buses on our way out. Everypony was pretty quiet today on the buses as I got on. Not a lot of talking went on. I sat down in my seat, and looked out of the window to see the pony whose tail was severely burned. It looked bad. Half her tail was ruined, and she was still crying. Her friend was with her to comfort her, but seriously, The insult wasn’t even that hurtful. It shouldn’t have gone like that.

Marisa got on the bus. She started slowly walking, and then sat down next to me. She kept staring at me, and then said. “Hello.” In a low tone. She then quickly turned her head and planted her headphones in her ears.

I was severely upset, and put my hoof on her lap quickly. “What is wrong with you Marisa? You’ve burned a pony’s tail that didn’t even deserve it that badly, and you just seem different.” Her eyes widened, and she looked directly at me. Her eye twitched and the flames in her eyes appeared again, and so did my stomach pain from before. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen Marisa do. I closed my eyes, and turned my head to the window. “How are you doing that?” The pain stopped after I had asked her the question.

“I’ve changed, Brutal Essin. I’ve returned because of you, and yet I thank you, but first now I have a world to destroy.”

“What?” My eyes widened. I kept thinking of what we did before she changed. Something must have made me her act differently. Is she in her own world? Is she mad at me for not getting her mother back? Upset?

Then it hit me.

The night of the resurrection. The black mist circled around her that night and disappeared. Everything was starting to clear up to the conclusion. I kept thinking, and then finally my stomach turned as I realized the unrealizable. We resurrected something different.

“You’re…You’re not…” I was too afraid to say anything. I backed away to the window more, and Marisa turned her music off to look at me again.

“Yeah, now you know, and you can run off in fear now and leave me alone because you have been constantly bothering me all day.”

There was no way. I didn’t even know stuff like this could happen. Yeah, possessed for five seconds at a house full of demons that are being cleared away by a bunch of priests, but this? To my friend who just wanted her mother back. Not to mention it can speak our language and it’s not like a regular possession. An unexpected smart-but-sinister monster inside the skin and flesh of my friend. “I don’t believe this.” I said back to the demon.

“No pony believes in anything in this town except crime and war, so I am not surprised.”

I was so angry, yet so nervous. I never knew something like this could possibly happen. Then, I spoke out.

“I’m going to tell Dempsey about this.” “Who? Oh, that old cranky insane dude that has a time machine in his basement? Yeah, I’m sure he’ll believe a word you say, but barely with an affect against me.”

“He’s dealt with a whole horsing zombie apocalypse. He’ll get rid of you.” “Yeah,” she responded. “The same day Korn makes a song about butterflies and friendship. Not happening’, kiddo.”

I was never shocked in my life. It didn’t know it would be possible. I was thinking through my head, What if I never get to see the real Marisa again?
Tuesday– January 6th, 2013 –5:30 PMEdit

I arrived at Marisa’s house very quickly. The environment of the place was dying down because it was growing into dusk. I walked up to the building and gave a slow but loud knock on the door. By minutes, Dempsey answered the door. He looked at me in worry. “Thank Samantha you came.” He told me.

“Thank Samantha you’re here.” I responded back. He looked like he was having trouble with what has been going on too. I saw the others, who were all huddled up a room upstairs playing Black Ops II. I rolled my eyes and continued on in.

“So, what did she do to you?” I asked him, because I thought in my head that he knew what I was talking about, and that he did.

“Quite a bit. I don’t know why she’s been acting like this.” Dempsey’s ears were down again.

“That’s not her. Look, do you have a computer?” “Yeah.” “I may need it for research.”

“What’s going on?” He asked me on my way to the PC. I sighed. “Please don’t get mad at Marisa when you hear what I am about to tell you.”

The quiet reached the room. I told him everything. The graveyard, the spell, the resurrection, and everything that went forth. He was upset by what I told him, but I had to say it or else Dempsey would spaz out at her for something she couldn’t help.

I continued on for hours on the Ponypedia. Looking up things like this was very difficult. I didn’t ever get what I was looking for because a possession like this was never experienced. Dempsey finally came up to me while I looked.

“So, she wanted her mother back,” He was upset completely. “Marisa doesn’t know the whole storyline, doesn’t she?”

“Not really, but she tries to find out all information whenever she gets the chance.” I replied to him. Then, I realized something softly. “The evil creep didn’t say ‘Thank you’ that night after we did the failing resurrection because I helped her. It said thank you because I let it out and take a passageway to Marisa.”

“What?” Dempsey responded to me. Then, as I kept continuing, the 3 others came back from downstairs. Nikolai almost fell down the stairs but Takeo helped him keep balance.

“You ponies know I can’t walk when I am sober.” Nikolai was once again out of it.

“Yeah, sure.” Takeo said back.

“Dempshey? Do you haz any of those zings that we had yesterday for dinner left?” Richtofen sounded like he was out of it too, for some reason.

“Well, yeah, but,” Dempsey was cancelled by his word when Doc zoomed through the living room and down the kitchen, grabbing the Fried Chicken they apparently had yesterday.

“Um, Dempsey. Don’t you hate these guys?” I asked him. “Yeah, but I got to live with them because there is nowhere else for them to go and we can’t go back to Kino Der Toten until the Hordes have calmed down.”

I was confuzzled, but I continued on to my work. Then, I gasped. “Oh god no. Dempsey, we have a week to defeat this demon.”

Dempsey’s eyes widened, and he looked at me. “Demon?” “Yes. I said it wasn’t Marisa didn’t I? Well, Technically I don’t know what it is, but I know it’s something bad.”

“Wait, huh?” Takeo interrupted. “Don’t tell me Marisa touched the pyramid this time. I don’t want to go through what Doc put us though again.”

“What? Whoa, Hey, stop making fun of me!” Richtofen replied.

“No, We have a week to get the Demon out of Marisa’s body, or else if a week passes Marisa’s soul will die and the demon will take over.” “Man, talk about anger issues.” Nikolai told which nothing we were talking about was. I looked at him, sighed, and began worrying again. Then, by seconds the silence dropped dead. The door to the house slammed open, and the interruption stood Marisa, looking at us smiling. “Hey guys.” She grinned. I smirked at her and didn’t talk. She looked at me like I was mad at her, and got upset. “Oh, no. Did I do something wrong? Whatever it is, I’m sorry.” Marisa Approached for a hug, but I pushed her off.

“Nice try, okay? Don’t play role-play here. We know who you are and we are going to get rid of you within the week.” I responded. She then started acting weird, and began to cry. “What did I do?”

I Sighed and frowned. “Marisa?”

“Don’t listen to her. Its role-play.” Nikolai jumped into the conversation.

“What are you guys talking about? What do you mean ‘Role-play?’” Marisa started acting like she normally would, but it scared me because I couldn’t tell. The evil creatures could disguise themselves really well just to get their hands on the Annihilation of Equestria.

Just as I was going to continue my argument, Marisa started to get a sharp pain, as we could hear her make a mild squeal and then stop and look at us again.

“Hey guys. Missed me?”

Richtofen jumped in. “Wow, Looks like Some ponies in a bit of a sticky situation.” He giggled, but we all stared at him and gave him a mad expression.

“Haters.” He finally said, and walked in the kitchen.

I gasped. I was as upset as to what I had just found out. “I can’t believe it. That… really was…” Dempsey responded sadly, and I didn’t even bother saying anything.

“Oh yeah, by the way, I’d just like to say that all of you better be prepared for the annihilation of a lifetime because I’ve been searching on a way to destroy this dreadful world for years and now I have found out a perfect solution, so I hope you all have fun on your great adventure to do me in. I hope you all have a good time and thank you once again for letting me out. I appreciate it.”

“Shut up!” Dempsey yelled back. He didn’t care about anything the monster said. “You’re lucky you’re not a zombie meat freak or I would blow your head right off your body.”

“Do it right now, Seargent. I’d love to see you kill your own Daughter.” She giggled. I’ve never seen a demon so twisted in all my life.

“You’re not being fair. You did that on purpose!” I informed. Takeo was in the back, nervous if he should jump in or not because apparently there is a chance he could lose his ‘honor’.

She started to laugh, and galloped away.

Dempsey and I were both confused and devastated. “Okay, we need to find out how to solve this.” He answered to me.

“We need to find her. Who knows what she’ll do next! But how are we going to find out where she is!?”

Then, we heard sudden giggling from the stairs, and then came a small filly. It was Samantha with a big grin on her face.

“I suppose I could help, but for a price.” She had an evil plan, and I didn’t trust one bit of it.

“Samantha. What are you planning? Are you a part of this?” I questioned with demand.

“No, the demon is actually one of my good old friends back in the Past. We worked together sometimes on Nact Der, then went to destroy you all in Der Riese, and finally he got mad and stormed off on Verruckt and hid in the Graveyard near Ponyville.”

“That must have been the graveyard we went to where Marisa was possessed.”

“Exactly, and I Know all about the guy…” “Wait, it’s a dude?” Dempsey’s eyes widened, and grew with anger.

“Yes, and If you want to get rid of him, you got to do me good.”

“And how do we know if you’re telling the truth?” I responded. “Because, His name is Pain and he’s an insane spirit of a half-changeling half-pony. He comes back to destroy Equestria for revenge on the people that killed him in 1932, as I was told by him. There, now I know how to stop him, but you need to give me a good price and I’ll help you.”

Richtofen walked in the Livingroom once again after digging his face in the new food he now loves.

With food in his hooves, he started replying to us. “Hey, you guys should really tell me how to-“ “YOUR SO DEAD RICHTOFEN!”Samantha started chasing him all over the house, him having his typical high pitched screaming running around. I sighed and rolled my eyes, and turned to Dempsey.

“Well, how can we get rid of pain before he destroys Equestria?” “I Don’t know, but we’ll need to find out something.” He thought In his head for a quick few minutes.

“Ah ha! You’re a unicorn, why don’t you use a spell to get rid of him!” My eyes widened. “The only spell in the book that gets rid of him is by using a ridden Possession spell. It’ll take time to do, and when I mean time, there is no way we can keep Marisa stable while I think out the spell to make it work and get rid of Pain.”

Dempsey was so afraid that this had happened to Marisa. Nothing like this ever happened before in his life to witness, and so he looked down.

“You mean we have to hold my daughter down to do the spell!?” He hollered.

I came up to Dempsey and put my hoof on his shoulder. “What else is there to do? We have a week, Dempsey, or she will die.”

We all turned around, hearing sad sniffling from the corner. Samantha stopped chasing Doc, and he heard us talking about the spell. He was rolling tears.

“Doc….Are you, crying??” Takeo was freaked out severely by this. Samantha wasn’t surprised.

“No, I’m just allergic to Sadness.” Richtofen responded, turning his head away. “That’s called Crying.” Nikolai stupidly remarked.

“Yeah, you stick to that story, Nikolai.”

Dempsey was in anger again. “There is no way I am doing this.”

I gasped. “Dempsey, Marisa needs you!” I tried to reason with him, but He refused to even look at me. “I’m not going to do it!” And with that said, the soldier bucked the door wide opened, and galloped away angrily. I sighed sadly, and lost all hope in my head. “We’re not going to be able to get Pain out in time”.

“No, because I have an idea. I know Pain, and so Maybe I can knock some sense into him.” Samantha responded.

I turned up my head to her idea. “I doubt it. Since when did evil souls like him have sense?”

“He wasn’t this bad back then. I’m sure he still has some reason he is taking these desperate measures to destroy Equestria.”

“As long as I get my friend back.” I finally replied, and I ran out of the house, Samantha following me.

Wednesday – January 7th, 2013 –10:30 AMEdit

Time was passing quickly. It was almost like the sky had been getting darker every day. Pain had been getting worse and worse, and it was already Wednesday, so I had to think of something, and fast before the week ended. Each school day, Pain came, and he was treating bullies horribly, not that they don’t deserve it or anything, but still. I was in Art class today, working when he came in, with the biggest grin on his face. Within a few minutes, my stomach started aching again when he gave me a good smile,

“Knock it off, Pain.” I responded to his chaos.

“Hey, looks like somepony did some research.” Pain replied to Me, noticing about my knowledge of his name.

The pain started getting worse, my stomach feeling like it was on fire. I make mild noises of pain until the Art Teacher ran in the classroom, knowing she was late. “I’m sorry dearest subjects. I have been a bit busy with my schedule this week and I almost forgot I had kids to teach, Heh,” She hurried to her desk. “So, uh, what did we leave off with?”

“You were telling us how to paint stuff. Ya know, like, use an artistic stick with bristles and stroke a piece of paper to cause a shield of colored liquid.” The rebellious senior said, with others laughing with his word.

I was nervous as all could be. Pain still sat by me, and no matter how much I wanted to leave the seat, I couldn’t. I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t.

During English, there was a test going on that Marisa had originally studied for since Friday for preparations. As soon as they passed out the test, Pain had decided to get every question wrong. It bugged me, so I whispered at him to stop because he’ll end up failing Marisa, and the pain in my stomach came again. I couldn’t handle it, so I tried telling Pain to stop, but the urge of me just wouldn’t let me say it. Pain was playing games, and I couldn’t take it any longer.

The end of the day came again and everypony entered the busses, the seniors yelling in happiness. Once again, Pain sat by me, and I don’t even understand why he did, but he whipped out Marisa’s phone, and started jamming out to her music. I finally decided to speak out. “Pain, I don’t know how you’re enjoying my friend’s phone, because back where you live phones are way better.”

“Phones don’t even exist is The Suffragentice Empire.”

“The Suffra- hommina what?” I replied.

“If you researched hard enough you’ll find out yourself.”

“You are inspiring me, sick and twisted demon.”

“Thank you for the compliment, now, I command you to shut up before your stomach burns away and you cough smoke.” And with that, the pain came again.

“How are you doing that?” I said back to him, holding my stomach from the pain. “It’s what we Suffragraves do. We make ponies fear us, to leave us and our land alone. I, for one, have a mission to get to; to finally get rid of all you ponies so that the Suffragentice Empire could take over Equestria. Maybe we’ll be known by then.”

“You’re out of your mind. Princess Celestia protects Equestria. I could just tell her about you and she’ll get rid of you.” “She’s a Princess, not an Excersist, Kid, and for one thing. I’m not leaving, so you could just kiss your friend goodbye, because I’m enjoying my life right now.”

I was extremely angry, so angry that I quickly dropped everything and what I was doing, and violently pushed Pain out of my seat, and he fell to the floor. I was so angry that I didn’t even care that it was an evil monster, and that I felt like I had just pushed my best friend over. Everyone in the bus paused and looked at me, and the Bus driver gave a two second yell. Pain looked up at me, on the floor of the bus, and made the biggest grin on his, or in this case, Marisa’s face. My jaw dropped by my action, and Pain got back up slowly.

“You do not know what you just did, kid.” He quickly came up to me and I could see the flames in his, or as to say Marisa’s eyes. I could feel my heart starting it to hurt as it kept beating. “Stop.” I told him, but he refused, he started laughing, and I could still feel my heart in pain. Finally, the pain got to me, and I started to lose balance. I got dizzy, and then finally passed out on the floor of the bus.

Wednesday– January 7th, 2013 –6:39 PMEdit

Everything was surprisingly dark. So dark that I could barely see my own hoof in front of me. The entire environment around me, which I couldn’t even see, felt eerie and horrid as I looked around. I was laying down on something, and I could feel I wasn’t alone. I tried giving movement, until I found out that I couldn’t. The surface I was on was uncomfortable, and hard. I kept trying to get up, but something was keeping me down to the point of keeping still. Then, I heard a voice.

“Welcome.” Something started approaching me, and then gave some light as it came up to me. It was an old Mare, looking like she was 50 something years old, and she was smiling at me.

“Welcome to the Suffragentice Empire. My name is Sharp Tooth.” She came up, seeming like she tried pretending it was a normal visit. I was honestly afraid, which was shocking compared to the fact that was never afraid of anything.

“What is going on? How did I get here?”

“You passed out, and now you are dreaming.”

“What?” I looked around. I found it hard to believe I was only sleeping. “But everything looks so real.”

“Of course, you’re dreaming, but when you wake up, the thing that still bothers you will exist.” “What are you talking about? Let me out!” “You can’t leave. You’re in Suffragavia. A place only in your dreams. You can only leave if you awaken.”

“Well then, hit me with something!” I responded.

Sharp Tooth laughed. “Oh, Pain always said you were funny. I didn’t know he was not kidding.” She grinned.

“But what will you do to me? I’m here, and Pain came from here. I must be here for something.”

“Pain did not bring you here. I did. You have an issue to take care of, and I know that you are losing time, and so I shall help you.” She unstrapped me from the surface quickly, and I knew maybe there was hope.

“Really?” I replied, and she moved her head positively.

“Yes, I will help you, but you need to trust me that Pain cannot be stopped. Nothing will make him leave, until you do something that will affect him greatly.”

“Really?” I rose up my head. Then, with sudden circumstances, the entire environment started to shake, and then I realized I was waking up.

“Leave it to me. I’ll show you the way.” And then that was it.

“Sharp Tooth!?” I shouted, waking up quickly. I was in the hospital, my chest was still in minor aching, but Pain was nowhere to be seen. I looked around, and there stood Ford Mustang, and My dad. When I shouted, they both looked at me with an odd expression.

My dad hugged me. “I thought I would lose you!” “Dad, I’m fine. Calm yourself, okay? Where’s Pai….Marisa?” I tried to say it correctly so my dad and Ford wouldn’t think I’m going insane.

“Say my name, and I magically appear.” And with that heard, Pain walked through the door proudly. “Hey, Essin. What’s up?”

“Yeah, sure, YOUR Name.” I growled.

“Yeah, Sure, YOUR Opinion.” She responded. Ford and my Dad looked pretty confused. They knew Marisa, and assumed she wouldn’t act like that because they knew how she would regularly act.

“Well, Um, I’ll get back to you. I’m going downstairs.” My dad replied to our conversation, and trotted away happily, joyful that I was alive.

As for Pain, He proudly looked at me. “Hey, how was your sleep? What did you dream about? The aftermath of Equestria after I’m done with it?” “Shut up, Pain.” I’ve never been so angry. Mustang was utterly confuzzled, and looked at me.

“Did you just say shut up to her?” He found it shocking.

“Except the fact that it’s not her.” I replied.

Ford backed away from Pain, who made a big grin on Marisa’s face. “Don’t listen to the kid, Ford, she’s going insane.”

“No I’m not. You caught some pony’s tail on fire at school, you burned an entire building, and you nearly killed me on the bus! Marisa wouldn’t do that, now would she? Now if you don’t get your rump out of my friend’s body, I am NOT going to be held responsible for what I Am about to do!” I was furious.

“Whoa, I like your assertive ways.” Pain laughed. “You know you can’t do anything to me.” And in seconds, Ford Mustang started hollering in pain. He fell to the floor. Pain started laughing. “I just sucked the life out of him. Now, do you really think you can get rid of me?”

I gasped. “You…Bring him back!” “I will when you give up! I’m not leaving, Brutal Essin! Your friend’s life will soon be over, and when the time comes, you will too! I will destroy Equestria no matter what it costs!”

I was only in tears of anger, and without thinking, I jumped off of the hospital bed and attacked Pain. I knocked him to the floor and hurryingly did a spell on him with my Unicorn magic. It caused Pain to fall asleep for a few hours, so, with my weak heart pumping; I quickly brought Pain to my Dad’s car near the window of the hospital, and threw it in the trunk. I got back into the hospital bed with my teleportation spell, and my dad entered the room with two Milkshakes.

“Hey, where did every one go?”

“Marisa Left and Ford had to hurry somewhere.” I lied, when I really just dragged him in the closet before my dad showed up.

“Oh, Alright. Well, I got you a milkshake.” He handed it over to me, smiling.

“Thanks, Dad.” I grinned, and asked him a question.

“Can we get home yet? I feel a lot better, and I just realized that I need to get things done.”

“Really? Well, I’ll have to ask the doctors here.”

“Did someone say DOCTOR!?” Through the door, all four ponies came barging in. Richtofen was jumping up and down, Nikolai could barely stand again, Takeo was normal, and Dempsey was happy to know I was alive.

“Because if it’s got doctor in zeh title, it reminds me of ME!” I could tell Richtofen was extremely joyful. I rolled my eyes.

“What are you all doing here?”

“We came because we heard ‘Marisa’ came too.” Dempsey questioned.

“Uh, yeah, about that.” I quickly used a unicorn spell to say something in Dempsey’s head, so my dad couldn’t hear it. In by seconds, after my word. Dempsey jumped.

“YOU DID WHAT TO HER!?” Dempsey’s eyes widened and the other 3 quickly blocked his mouth. My dad looked at me in confusion.

“Well Then, I’ll be back with Intel from the doctor.Seeya, Chii-Zit” He then trotted out happily out of the door.

When my dad finally left, Dempsey started up. “I can’t believe you did that to her!”

“It’s not ‘Her’ Dempsey, Its Pain, and he sucked the life out of Ford Mustang! I had to do something! He was my boyfriend for god sakes!”

Dempsey was angered, but he turned away and looked down. “When do we start the riddance spell?”

“Actually, Tank, Soon. Marisa’s in the trunk. She’ll be asleep for a few hours, so we need to hurry and do it back in her bedroom before Pain wakes up.”

Dempsey sighed. “I can’t believe I let this happen to her in the first place. I’m a horrible father.”

“Stop it, you had no idea it would happen. It wasn’t your fault. Think, Dempsey. After today, she’ll be back and we can all go back to normal.”

It took a few seconds for Tank to respond again. “I know. Let’s do it.” He turned to me, determined.

“You’re going to help?” I excitingly asked.

“Yes. Usually possessions don’t end without a family member being there to comfort her when she comes back to us.”

“Alrighty then. Let’s, go team go!” And with that, the rest of the guys followed me as I lead them from the door. I hurried and galloped to Dempsey, who had his car here parked by my dad’s, and used my unicorn Magic to transport Marisa’s body into the other vehicle. By then, we all drove off. By then, my dad reappeared in the hospital room to find that we weren’t there, and looked out of the open window. “Wait, the doctor said you can’t go yet!”

Wednesday– January 7th, 2013 – 8:06 PMEdit

The entire room was covered in darkness. Only one small light could be seen, a little candle by my book of Unicorn spells. I was ready for the thing that we have depended on for days. There was only way we were getting our best friend back and I’d kill myself just to get it done. Dempsey was right next to me, and the others were downstairs pacing around, hoping everything was okay, which I’d never thought I’d see the day Nikolai, Takeo, and Richtofen were worried about actual Ponyville people. Pain was still sleeping by then, so we thought it would be a good start for the spell. I started to make the spell work while Dempsey looked at it in the book. I thought it in my head, and man it hurt trying to do it. This spell was so hard, it hurt my head, but I’d do anything for my friend back. We continued until Pain started waking up. “You got her strapped down?” I whisperingly asked Dempsey beside me. “Yep.”

“Good. I got nervous for a minute.” I tried concentrating on the spell as hard as I could, until Pain started talking to us.

“Hey, it’s illegal to do this kind of stuff you know?” He tried budging out. “Not to you sick creatures.” Dempsey angrily replied.

Pain tried moving, but there was no possible chance. “You will all regret it. I’m not the only one who came to Ponyville.”

“Shut up!” Dempsey hollered. “If there is one thing I hate on this Earth it’s you and your stupid dream town crap!”

Pain kept trying to budge out, but there was nothing. He gave up, but continued talking. “Of course, you think you’re hot stuff, don’t you ‘Tank’? And when I say Tank, I mean you seem pretty slow for a Tank Dempsey, Don’t you think?”

Dempsey started growing furious. “I told you to shut your mouth."

“And I told you that I’m not leaving. Even if you do get rid of me, I won’t be gone. I’ll still be here. Who knows, maybe you’re next, or maybe that chick over there doing the spell, or those others downstairs. Should I continue?” Dempsey was unstable of anger. “You stay away from them.”

“Oh, I’ve done more then you know. I remember your father back then. Was a good fellow. Loved helping out in the war.”

Dempsey’s eyes widened. He approached Pain quickly and angrily.


“Duh, I’ve been around since 1920 something. Your father was in this position. He was a nice man, and he sure put up a fight until I finally got rid of him.”

Dempsey, without even caring to think, ran up to Pain and grabbed his, or Marisa’s neck, and started choking him, furiously.

I was almost done with the spell until I finally opened my eyes to see what was going on. I panicked, and ran over to Dempsey, pushing him away quickly. “What are you doing!?”

“He messed with my family!” Dempsey tried running at him again, but I had to jump in the way. “Stop! That’s Marisa, Dempsey. You’ll kill her!”

“I want to kill that son of a gun for killing my father!” He was breathing out smoke.

Pain started laughing. “That was the whole idea, Sarge. You choke me, and you won’t win either way, so have fun doing that good spell of yours, Essin, because I’m not leaving. Even if I do leave, I won’t leave YOU,”

“Will some pony tape his mouth shut?” I responded, and walked back to the spell book. I started working my magic again.

Dempsey was, once again, in guard, and refusing to talk to the evil pony. Pain continued laughing, but I kept working my spell.

Finally, Pain started making small whimpering noises. Dempsey lifted his head up and looked. “I think it’s working.” I responded. Pain started going crazy as I kept working the spell. He was going insane, and I kept doing the spell.

“I’m…Not….LEAVING!” Pain hollered, and Dempsey and I took a peak at the most insane and horrible thing ever. Marisa’s own back started bleeding, and something was growing out of it.

“She’s hurting Marisa!” Dempsey panicked. My jaw dropped.

It was wings. Bat wings, growing out of her back. They were gigantic, and covered in ripped holes. There was blood on the bed, and the wings started flapping really quickly, trying to get him out of the straps. Dempsey and I panicked, and so Dempsey hurried and tried holding both wings down. He looked down and saw Marisa’s eyes covered in flames, and Pain had never been so angry before. “I’m not leaving, you sick mistakes!”

The spell was working, and so I pushed more force into it, until Finally Pain stopped moving. Dempsey let go of the wings, and I kept staring at Marisa. She was just lying there, blankly not even looking at me. I slowly closed the book and finally approached Dempsey. We both looked at nothing. It looked like there was no sign of any life in the body. I looked back at Dempsey and put my head down, until there were sudden movements. The Wings started falling out, and the blood stopped dripping. Marisa started moving slowly, and then when a minute flew by, she started opening her eyes, and looked up at both of us. I gasped, and Dempsey and I were holding hope. The wings fell out of her back, which I thought was strange, but her back healed up quickly.

She slowly looked up at us, and I almost started blowing tears.

“Chii? Dad?” She lifted up her head. “Wh….What? Why are we here?”

I started crying, and I gave Marisa the biggest hug of my life. I could tell she was much weakened. Pain must have taken all of her strength away when he took over her. Marisa obviously couldn’t hug back, the now weakened straps holding tighter than before. I’ve never been so happy in all the days I’ve lived.

“Zig! You won’t believe how much I’ve missed you this entire week!” I squeeze-hugged her, and she couldn’t barely breathe, until I let go and got back up. “I’m sorry, I’ve just been through so much this week with you.” “I…” Marisa was confused. “What happened this week? Where was I this whole time? Was I sleeping?” “Well, Sort of.” I slowly started un-strapping her when Dempsey jumped to look outside. It was growing into dusk, and Tank felt like they still weren’t alone.

“Chii, I thought something is wrong.” Dempsey assumed. Marisa tried to get up after the straps were reddened of, but she became too weak after the entire event. Dempsey started pacing around. Then, we heard shouting from downstairs to us.

“You guys done yet? It’s getting dark!” Takeo yelled from the bottom of the stairs. I sighed, and announced back.

“Yes, we’re done.” The other ponies looked at each other, and continued their way upstairs to see Marisa, Nikolai almost falling once again. Takeo helped him up, but everypony reached the top of the stairs and walked into the room.

Marisa rapidly shook her head. “Ow, my head is killing me.” She came up and hugged me, weakly. “Stop crying, Chii. I think you’re tired.”

“No, you don’t understand. I haven’t seen you for an entire week. You weren’t you, and you kept burning other pony’s tails and stuff,” I sighed after explaining most of it. “I’ll tell you later. Right now, let’s go and get you fixed up.”

“You mean… I was killing people!?” She started panicking, but I calmed her down easily.

“No,” I sighed. “Just, I’ll tell you later, but right now you’re much weakened. We need to give you some rest.”

Marisa was frightened, but too weak to show it. She tried getting up, but she was having mild difficulty walking. She tried trotting around, but then she fell. Dempsey helped her up.

Thursday – January 8h, 2013 –10:41 PMEdit

It was not too long before the Late New year’s parade in Ponyville. Marisa was in good shape again, and she returned to her old self. I was happy to have my good friend back.

Marisa and the entire team joined us, even Samantha decided to be part of the parade. The floats came down across the entire pathway, and the town had never been louder. Marisa blocked her ears by the loud environment, but that was another great thing I loved about her. That was another reason that she was my best friend. We always had everything in common. We only shared one thing that made us different from each other; our opinions on that Mayonnaise stuff. I thought it was kind of gross, but Marisa would put pounds of it on her food, POUNDS! It would make me pass out and receive the feather flu for a week, and that was only for Pegasus Ponies!

The entire day was amazing. Everything was back to how it always was, and that was the number one thing that made me happy. I looked up to the sky to see the balloons and confetti blazing apon the sky, and then by a few seconds, I looked back down to see some pony familiar to see. I looked down in one of the Floats that drove by, and it took me a moment to realize that it was Sharp Tooth looking straight at me. I grinned at her, and gave a mild “Thanks”. She waved at me for a few minutes, and winked. I blinked, and she was gone.

I smiled.
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