S'up, guys. I'm so flipping bored, I might as well just do a lazy blog. I'll do the funny status thing at the end like they do on DeviantArt. Anyway, I promise to have those new Once-ler drawings out ASAP. I've just been extremely busy. I hope y'all got my bulletin earlier about that funny Evil Four Parody. I lolled so hard I almost roffled my waffles. I've got stuff to post and the person I'm chatting with is expecting something, so I've gotta go. Thanks for reading and check out my page! Thanks for reading!

Mood: Bored yawn
Listening to: The Lorax soundtrack
Reading: KicsterAsh's "The Seer"
Watching: YouTube videos and Finding Nemo
Playing: Nothing
Eating: Oreos
Drinking: Water
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