I got back from my trip on Saturday night and I didn't have any time to be online for the next two days and yesterday, Adobe Shockwave crashed on me because I had Drawing Now and Grooveshark open simultaneously. I COULDN'T EVEN LOG IN!!! Anywho, I've been real bored lately, so I decided to do a lazy blog. I had a dream last night that the Once-ler was walking through Thneedville seeing, like, a million statues of himself and when he started to feel sad, he sat down and a statue behind him was in the same position. When he turned around, he found out that the statue was alive. A ghost of his future self was living inside the statue. It told him to remember his real name and that people are just people. Once the person dies, he loses his soul and just is a body with no life. He related the Once-ler to a bird for some reason and when the ghost finished talking to the Once-ler, he started floating away saying to remember his real name (which was most likely his real purpose, I don't actually remember what he was referring to). I thought it was an interesting dream. Anyway, thanks for letting me blab to y'all. See ya!

Mood: Happy 001_smile
Listening to: The Lorax Soundtrack
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Watching: The messages pop up on my chat bar
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Eating: Nothing
Drinking: My saliva LOL drool
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