Ok umm i am very sorry to say that i will not be on drawing now 4 a wile that is why i posted a few pics. i am sorry to my friends that i have met on this site and thank u 4 your supportive comments. i wish u all the best on u'r new and improving drawings, u guys and girls ard really good. I would lik to keep drawing and posting on this site but some of my art is going to be presented in LA and i really want to go to it. i should be back in about 4 or 5 days depending on how i'm gudged. but u you have any advice on how to improve my drawings i ask u give it to my wether it is good or *gulp* bad. i would like to hear more or your comments and see more of u'r drawings but i can't at the moment but i will soon.!! peace *walks away* *pokes head back indoor* *runs gives u a hug and cries then snackes Edward chibi* *runs away never to be seen again*  

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