Day 3: Tuesday – Leadership and Night Bazzar Today we were doing leadership activities. We were in groups of 6. There were four activities, each with different leaders from the group. I was the leader in the last activity, Ant Attack. We had to get from one side of a 20m gap to the other without jumping or touching the ground. We lost one team mate in the first two minutes for jumping. We then had free time and then loaded ourselves onto two minivans (which was very squishy) and headed off to the night markets to buy dinner and go shopping! When we arrived we broke off into our own little groups. Mel, Annebelle, Leticia and I went and had dinner at subway and then went shopping. The people expected us to bargain with them. There were people selling knives and other weapons in the stalls which scared us. I bought a headband, thai bag, two book marks and a bracelet. I was a fun day! Traps to Avoid: • Don’t look interested in anything, even if you are because they will pressure you into buying it or if you walk away without buying it they might stalk you.

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