Here are things I want to do (I seriously want to do all these things.):

~Run across the beach into the sunset. =3

~Go horse riding

~Go to the City of Atlantis and become a citizen!!! XD

~Find a unicorn

~Climb a tree (I'm not allowed to =( ).

~Have a tea party with Santa and his Elves.

~Buy a punching bag and tackle it with all I got.

~Lie on a cloud and watch the sunrise.

~Draw like a masta~

~Sing a song with enough emotion to make people cry or feel what I feel.

~Make people smile everywhere I go.

~Help people in their hour of need.

~To be able to love unconditionally.

~Find a way to cure pimples instantly.

~Find Mother Nature and ask her to restore nature as best she can.

~Make friends with anyone and everyone.

~Be able to stay focused on one thi-Hey look! A llama!!!

~To find out what my heart desires and follow my dreams.

~To dance they night and my problems away.

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