Okay as you all know I'm in love with a Korean actor named Lee Jun Ki. Crazy about him! I'm not like all those Korean star stalker! I don't even live in Korea!TT_TT. Anyways I don't have any connection with LJK except for internet. I found out his type of girl and so on! He seems to be tooo perfect. He doesn't hate anyone, he protects people, and has a charming smile! He's like Night from Absoulute boyfriend, excpet more perfect! I know there's no such thing as that, but it seems like he is perfect.

I don't expect t marry him, cause he's like 13 years older than me! TT_TT But I just wanna meet him! This is just a fan crush! Nothing much! Aanyways Lee Jun Ki is like a God to me! I've always admired him since last year. I'm just a Jun Ki lover! LEE JUN KI! LEE JUN KI! LEE JUN KI! LEE JUN KI! SARANGHAEYO!

Topics: Lee, Jun, Ki, Asian, Korean, Actor
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