The Name That Anime Show
(inspired by The Death Note Game Show by Hinata_Hyuuga_Rocks)

*Theme song "Remember" by Flow starts playing while camera rotates slowy, showing the contestants: Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach in his shinigami robes holding his sword, Naruto from, well, Naruto in his orange jumpsuit (Who would wear that?!) with a grin on his face, Light (Kira) from Death Note wearing a suit and having an evil grin on face, and Train Heartnet from Black Cat in his black robe. Then the host, Donald from Kingdom Hearts, enters from the ceiling behind the crowd on a transparent elavated platform and makes a safe landing, facing the crowd.*

Donald: Welcome to The Name Tha-
Naruto: Hi Sakura!
Donald: Yes, well, welcome to the show. This episode we'll be focusing on Bleach, Naruto, Death Note, and Black Cat. Now let's meet our contestants. Ichigo Kurosaki!
Ichigo: *stares at Naruto* Why are you wearing that?
Naruto: Too lazy to buy anything else.
Donald: Uh... Ichigo we're rolling.
Ichigo: What? Oh! I'm Ichigo Kurosaki, and why am I here?
Donald: Uhh. Next contestant Naruto!
Naruto: I'm a ninja! Fear me!
Donald: Next up is Light Yagami!
Light: Hey, Naruto, is it? I'm sure there's help for you somewhere.
*audience laughs*
Donald: Very opinionated, Light. And last is Train Heartnet from Black Cat.
Train: Where's the food?
*audience laughs*
Train: No really.
Donald: Now that that's over, let's play!
Naruto: Excuse me! Why are they're anime contestants, but a disney host?
Donald: I'll tell you later. Now let's play. Here's how it works: The contestants will need to answer trivia, a video question, guess what anime the sound is from, or guess what anime the line is from. To answer, they must press the buzzer beside them. There are 4 rounds, 5 questions per round, and after the final round, if there's a tie, we'll go into Anime Battle Overtime, with only one question! Whoever wins gets $1,000,000,000,000 plus a week's paid vacation to the Bahamas! Now contestants, are you ready?
Donald: First Question!
*Monitor picture coming in slowly*
Naruto: Hurry the h*** up!
*picture darts in*
Donald: It's a sound question! Now let's listen!
Speakers: I'm gonna be hokage someday! Believe it!
Donald: And... Naruto!
Naruto: FullMetalAlchemist!
Donald: That's not even one of the choices you stupid son of a human!
Train: Was that even an insult?
Donald: Maybe...............
Naruto: That's from my show.
Donald: O_o Uhh.. Yes, that's right. One...point for Naruto.
*dinging sound from score counter adding one to Naruto's*
Donald: Next Question is a "Guess where the line's from". The line is,"I am justice!"
*displays line on monitor*
Donald: And... Ichigo!
Ichigo: Death Note.
Donald: Correct!
Light: No Fair! I buzzed first! *kira face shows; writes Ichigo Kurosaki in the death note* That'll show you!
Ichigo: I'm already technically dead, dumbass! This is my soul. I'm a shinigami!
Light: Ryuuk, why didn't you tell me there was more than 1 type of shinigami in exsistance?!
Ryuuk:*comes out of nowhere* You never asked.
Light: Oh, don't give me that bullsh-
Donald: Moving on! Question 3! Trivia! What did the Black Cat become? (A) A criminal (B) A sweeper (C) OMG, I hate my freakin' neighbor (D) Screw this, I'm going home.
Donald: And it's Light!
Light: I pick D.
Donald: I'm sorry, that's the wro- wait...what?
Light: Bye-Bye.
*walks out*
Donald: S*** Let's cut to commercials.
(note: the commercials are youtube videos. WATCH THEM IN ORDER FROM TOP TO BOTTOM!)

Donald: Welcome back to the show. We gave Light a security guard job, so he can kill criminals freely.
Light: Yeah baby!
Donald: He also decided to keep playing. Unfortunately, our camera broke and we had to get a new one so we're already on round 4!
Audience: What the duce?!
Donald: O_O (3 questions later) Final Question's a trivia! What anime theme song is this, and which number and by who?
*Speaker plays Asterik (bleach theme 1) by Orange Range*
Donald: And It's Train!
Train: That's Asterik, the 1st Bleach theme, by orange range.
Donald: Correct! It's a 4-way tie for Anime Battle Overtime!
Contestants: We've decided we all want the prize. No splitting. Just we all get $1,000,000,000,000.00 and a vacation. So you have no choice!
Donald: Fine by me.
Ichigo: Can you show an amv for each of our animes during the credits?
Donald: Fine.*mumbles I'll probably be fired, anyways*
*contestants run out door. Naruto shouts back...*
Naruto: Say hello to Goofy for me!
Donald: Well bye, folks!
*Donald walks off as camera cuts off and goes to credits* (just imagine credits over these)

The End
3 little letters L-O-L x3 this is awomse :3
  • July 16, 2008
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