Megaman765, a truly funny man on youtube, made super mario 64 Bloopers. Here's his 1st video ever made:

Funny, right? Well, his true hit was the bloopers series below:
Bloopers 1
Bloopers 2
Bloopers 3
Bloopers 4
Bloopers 5 part 1
Bloopers 5 part 2
LOL! Though these one's aren't bloopers, they're funny:
Christmas Special
Evil of cold cool mountain (sequel to christmas special)

You see? He's great! Now here's another series he made:
1: Legend of the bomb ombs
2: The story behind super mario 64(explains the bloopers)
I think episode 3 was deleted, but here's 4, wait you've seen them! 3:Christmas special and 4:evil of cold cool mountain! Here's 5: Prolouge of Luigi's mansion part 1
Prolouge of luigi's mansion part 2
Here's the ending of the game messed up:
Now this is a movie below, not bloopers of any sort, but this is alright: Super mario 64 revenge of the clone

part 1
part 2
part 3
EpilogueMy Next tribute: Psygirl12 or Psygirl21.

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