Inuyasha: Damn you Naraku! You'll pay for what you've done to Sango!
Naraku:Sentimental half-breed as always. Those feelings you have for your friends make you weak.
Inuyasha: Feh your the weak one! Never going in battle, always have minions to do your dirty work. The way I see it you're a coward.
Miroku: Kagome please watch over Sango.
Kagome: Right.(whispering) Sango hang in there. You can make it, I know you can.

Indeed Sango's breathing had been becoming faint, and her heart was just beating. But the reason for this was not the wound in her chest but from something else. But what? (A/N what do you think?)

Miroku:What exactly did you do to Sango you b****d!(A/N again with the words. sounding more and more like Inuyasha. Dont blame him though)
Naraku (laughing): Isn't it obvious. I would figure that Inuyasha would pick up the scent of what happened to Sango. You are more naive than you look. I'll tell you anyway since you will very soon. It was miasma. Entering her bloodstream. Not even Kagome could purify, her spiritual powers are weak!
Kagome:I am sick and tired of you mocking us. Now you will pay! *aiming arrow* This is for Sango and the rest of us!

She released her grip on the arrow as it fired at amazing speed. The spiritual was amazing. Perhaps stronger than Kikyo's.(A/N Haha Kikyo what now?!?! Kagome is better than you! ha!)Naraku put up a barrier in hopes of blocking the arrow but failed as the arrow pierced through the barrier and Naraku's chest. wench. This maybe where it ends but I have one last thing to do before I move on.
(A/N OH NO!!)

Sango managed to regain consciousness and saw Naraku on his knees.

Sango (thinking): Good job Kagome.

To her horror Naraku managed to grab Kohaku who was silently observing the battle and sliced the vein in his neck.


She made an attempt to rush towards him. Even though she could barely move she could manage to stand. But Miroku appeared in front of her. She hugged him burying her face in his chest where she hid and cried. He returned it. They all turned to Naraku with new anger boiling in their veins. He had taken all of Sango's family away from her. He had gone way too far. b****d! Now I will send you to hell! MEIDOU ZANGETSUHA!

A large black hole appeared in front on Naraku. There and then the demon that had caused them all despair and suffering was sucked into the cold,dark depths of hell.

Shippo:Did you do it?
Miroku:One way to find out*unwraps prayer beads*......It's gone. It's gone!
Sango:Thank goodness....*cough cough*

Sango dropped on her kness and coughed.

Sango:Miasma......spreading *fainted*

Kagome: We need to get her healed and fast.
Miroku:Will she be alright

The silence said it all. She couldn't make any promises. The injurires were very serious. Who knew what could be done. It made Miroku's heart sink.

Kagome:i'll do all that I can
Inuyasha: Please do your best Kagome.

Miroku was sitting outside of the hut thinking.

Miroku:Damn, it was me who was supposed to protect her. My life was shorter from the start. She wasn't supposed to give her life for me or the others. That was my job, Dammit!

Miroku went inside to see how Sango was doing. She was laying near the corner of the room. She looked pale. He went over to her and sat next to her grabbing her hand.

Miroku:Sango, I need you. Please make it through this.

Her hand squeezed back

Sango:Miroku....I can'*falls back to sleep*

Inuyasha*hand on Miroku's shoulder*: She'll be alright. She is a strong person.
Miroku: Thanks for that.

Right there and then Sango stopped breathing.



END. Chapter 3 finished. how more suspensful can i get XD Just kidding. Ok there is one more chapter to go. PLZ RATE,COMMENT,PROPS ANYTHING.

Chapter 4-Coming soon

Ty for reading ^_^

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I really like it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see what happens in chapter 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Poor Sango! I feel so bad for Miroku!
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its not over yet lol. wait till u see what happens in chapter four! ^_^
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