Life as I know it is crashing to Earth, which, by the way, the meek shall inherit. I feel like I've been burried alive, and as though I've been listening to way too much Creature Feature. No. There's never too much Creature Feature... 'cept when you have 20 songs and your phone's such a bad shuffler it only plays 5/20. Well, back to what I was saying.
Life has it's ups and downs and everyone knows it. Right now, life is one long 90 degree angle. So, I've finally made friends in New Mexico, and after less than two years of knowing most of them, I'm moving. It's like Life forbids me to live in one area for more than 8 years. Yes I do act like Life is a proper noun, because without it, this world would be a barren waste-land... oh, wait. What are we turning it into again? That's right.

Off topic now. That house that my parents want. SMELLS LIKE SHIT. There. I got it out. I guess it could be that the people who lived there a year and a half ago got evicted and left their crappy food, but I think that there are dead bodies hidden in the ceiling. Yes, the ceiling. That's another thing. If you ask me 'What's Up' I will most deffinately say, "Ceiling fans, and gas prices, suicide rate in Japan, and drop-out rate for happy kids.' Them poor happy kids. I SUPPORT GAYS. If you're gay, add me.

Back on topic. Life Sucks. I'm going to tatoo LIFE on my right, forearm, and SUCKS on my left forearm. That'll get the message out there. No, that's not my original idea. I heard it from the book "CUT". But they weren't tatoos, Ashley cut the words into her arms.

Well, that's it for now.
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lol your funny ali~!
  • February 28, 2009
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you could say that. but i've lost half the friends i had in new mexico, and i never talk to you anymore. i miss you joshyyy. <3
  • March 1, 2009
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