Hewoz all you people who read blogs, I am back to announce that freakin Shirogitsune PT1 has been released for a freakin long time, and i am currently trying to work on SHirogitsune PT2 but i have been crushed by me brother for he has critisized it...anyway that is not what i'm here to talk about.

If any of you on this site have been or is a member of AnimeGarden.com then you may know that it is going under some maintanence at the moment. If you were ther before that you may also know that they had a Bleach RP entitled Bleach: A New Era....well...i might be just bring that here but a different story line so it's not plagerising Okagami-senpai's rightful piece of work. If you are for me bringing a Bleach RP to my blog Please say yes but if you would prefer something different here is a list of some RP's that aren't that popular for that anime:

Gurren Lagann

Death Note



Fruits Basket

Thats all i thought of so far...anyway, if you aprove of any please comment on the one you most prefer.

Topics: Bleach, RP
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