okay... im going to tell you a few questions here.


here it goes..

think of a number....



double it.. (multiply by 2)

done? yes? no? yes? okay..

now i want you to.. add... 6

done?(come on youre good at maths? arent you?)

okay now you have added 6...

half your number...

finished? okay... then

take away the first number you had.

.. (waits)

and your answer is ... 3? correct?

i know i know.. im good yeh?


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how you  did that yes that right it's 3that was good
  • October 31, 2008
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hey, wat u do is u give a group of ppl a series of random maths questions. tell em that it doesn't matter if they get it right n make em do the questions quick n rushed. Then tell em to name a vegetable. they will almost always say carrot or celery. u can thus trick them into thinking u can read min...
  • November 1, 2008
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