OKAY!So i dont know why but i have the erge to tell u guys that i just recently got into twilight(the saga) u know those books..i love the series and i was wondering how u guys feel about the series those of u that have read the whole series do not post spoilers pleez i dont want u to spoil it for those that have not read the whole series OH and 2 those of u that feel that twilight is a waste of time do NOT post any comments on this blog mkay i dont want to hear ur thoughts on why twilight "sucks" i dont want any hate comments ok bcuz all u haters of twilight dont like it just bcuz its popular thats all

Quote:Originally posted by: citybabe
well i rad them all and i loved them all so much but if i had to chose my favorites i liked breaking dawn the most then i liked eclipse then i liked twilight then i liked new moon new moon is my least favorite because it kinda bored me and i dont know if u read i...
  • December 17, 2008
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