...I am Gaara, my boyfriend is Pain also known as Senpai. I call him senpai because I admire him...more than he knows. I hide my face from people knowing that I am really always depressed. I never loved before till Senpai came around...so it's knew to me. I hide my depression with happiness...but I am never truely happy...and is always filled with rage. I am passive and nice to my friends...though is you piss me off I will go all crazy...I do take alot of mental beatings, people calling me stupid and dumb...but in my mind they are just playing around...because I know I am much better than them at alot of things. The only things that make me happy are these things: Anime conventions, cosplays, My senpai...and dog sledding. People kick me around in school...like I am nothing but when they need a drawing...and there little weak heads and arms can't process how to draw, they come to me and ask...no more should I do what they say. People might say I am emo...but emo is a person who crys about the bad things in there life, I just leave them alone. Well, I am a person who wants to be different...it kills my insides if someone copies me. I whistle to my bird, and I whistle very good...maybe the best...and I could whistle with my tongue...and it's a very very very high pitch sound. That's how I get my dogs and birds attention. I almost lost that...so I went in a break down trying to whistle again...and after and hour I finally whistled...I was relieved.

...You know alot about me now.

Topics: me, gaara, cats, dogs, animals
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