My red rose...
You're not even in bloom.
But yet you're so beautiful.
You came from a special guy,
Who i'm falling in love with.
Is this the beginnning of something beautiful?
Will this romance ever bloom?

My red rose...
You've finally bloomed.
You're even more beautiful than i could ever imagen.
You came from a very special guy,
Who i'm in love with.
Our love has finally bloomed.
It's the romance i've been looking for.

My red rose...
You seem to be withering.
You're drying out but still have a glimps of hope.
You came from a special guy,
But i think i'm falling out of love with him.
We're arguing all the time.
Our romance is withering too.

My red rose...
You're actually dead.
No longer do you make me smile.
You came from a special guy,
Who i now hate.
How could you fill me with false hope?
Will another rose bloom for me?
Topics: Red, rose, love, poem
kwl. You should hook up to some romantic poem contest and you'll end up like leonardo darwincy. Or waz that albert Einstein? or mabye Charles Darwin. no-no-no It was somebody Else
  • December 18, 2008
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