Bloody Rose

The petals glisten with pain
They show all the hate
The sorrow
All the blood

Now the petals won't change color
They are crimson
And I can't wipe it all away
It stains
It burns
It just won't show the pureness
Of the white rose
Now it's red
And I can't bare to look at it

What did you intend to do?
Why can't I let the flower soak and revive?
Now the stains have set
And they won't change
Just like you haven't

Take all your lies
You're love is wilting like the flower
Slowly fading away
Into nothing

Why are the petals falling?
Why are they drifting away?
Is there any reason
In your head?

Why must the crimson stains
keep me in check?
Why must I suffer in the dark?
Why are you so far away?

Are you proud?
You did this to me
And my Rose is dying
I never want to see you
But I still have these wounds
You can't see them
But they are for all to see
Nothing I do you see

My rose is bloody
And I can't wipe the crimson blood away
Everything is blurred
My heart
My pain relived
One last time

Maybe you're happy i'm gone
But remember
I'm only this way
Because of you
The rose wilts like my heart
And all the blood
It shows

I'm not longer white
I'm red and burning
I'm not cute and innocent
But a raging demon
Your face
It upsets my mind
My body
And puts salt in my wounds

My bloody rose

Is all you left me with

And this crimson blood is unable to wipe away
nothing I do will wipe it away
You scarred me
You wounded me
And you turned me into something
I am today

Go ahead
Brag to your friends
Get a new favorite friend or ***** you crush on.
But remember
Your flower will wilt like mine
I won't be the one to do it
But sooner or later
Those petals will start falling

Pink is love and passion
Black is hate

White is innocent and pure
Red is blood and rage
So what am I?
I'm normal
And wounded
I'm a cripple
An avenger
Another person
Who will get you back

My crimson petals are falling
And the Rose is breaking
The blood stains it
And I can't stop it

No matter how hard I try
Bloody Rose
I can't wipe the crimson blood

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