I made a huge mistake. If your friend has an attitude with u who says watever and gosh and sticks her eyes up in the sky at you then im with you. Friends like that are friends that really kinda dont care about you. They dont look after you as they did before.  You may say my friend just isnt the same anymore she acts all popular and hangs out with all the popular kids! she barely hangs out with me anymore. When she rolls her eyes at you I take a deep breath. I do that also i feel like im in a victim of a crime. I feel alone and punished for a reason. When my friend gives me that attitude  i get sad and i start to bawl. When I left because my Grandfather was ill she missed me but she said it was fun when im not here.  If she liked it when i wasnt here then i should have stayed longer. Because my cousins made me happy then didnt have an attitude they welcome me and they make me feel special. My cousins and i always think we are best friends too each other and we really care for each other. Now i wish i would come back to them because things are so different now. I wish i would live there with them and never return here. Because they are real friends too me not only cousins but best friends and to them the same. I cant believe this is happening I dont want her to know about this but i have to face the truth. When she reads this I will never speak to her nor anyone else. She has made this harder for me.  Because my grandfather passed away and it is hard for me to get it over with. Sometimes I almost cry when i go to my locker and they see me sad I wish this would all just dissapear and Be better finally. I know my wish will never come true. Because Fate has given me no chances left to restart this nightmare. Now im stuck in an everlasting tornado and sucking me into a black hole until this is over.

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please comment i need ur help!!!
  • January 4, 2009
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