This is a story by haylie n not by me!

When I was little I lived in a big two story house with my grandma, Aunt Missy, Uncle Steven, Uncle Chuck, And my Dad. I was adopted at birth by my Grandmother who I called “Mammaw” (I started calling her Mom at age 6) My real mother didn’t want anything to do with me, and my Father barely acknowledged me as his own child. We didn’t have Cable or Satellite all we had for entertainment was Videos rented from the Video store.

Next to our house were two small sheds, and at the end of the lane/driveway was a Large Red and White Barn, there was a big tall tree that was completely hollow, I could reach the hole in it from the High Balcony-Type porch we had at the side of the house, I would throw toys down into it. The tree was Ugly and Creepy.

We had a huge yard all around the house, there was a small oasis-type patch of Woods at the right-side of our house that was about 25 yards from the furthest Small shed.  My Grandma told me never to go into the small patch of woods because the ground was sot and was like quicksand in many places, she also said there was a collapsed well in it and was supposed to be bottomless.

n our Front Yard however (About 35 yards from the end of the Porch) Was a Big cornfield. In front of the Cornfield about 10 yards to the left were two Big Trees, and they were Really Ugly, ONE tree was bigger than the other, One was a Pear-Tree, and I think the other was an Apple-tree. They both had “Granpa’s Whiskers” a type of Climbing Vine Poison-ivy. There was something wrong with them Both. Something evil, and one was worse than the other.

Anyhow, When I was that young I Had no knowledge of Monsters, or Ghosts, demons, or anything, we didn’t go to church so I had never heard of Jesus or Satan, and I hadn’t a clue what evil was. That was until I turned 3, I don’t remember exactly how it came about, but I started hearing someone talk to me in my head. It was a guy. And I Called him  “Brane.”   Needless to say he became terribly annoying over time. He jibbered in my head all the time, I couldn’t get him to shut up. Sometimes, it became torture, he blabbed on and on and it would actually bring me to tears.  I told him to go away a lot of times, but he’d always come back and talk.  Well I remember once I was outside in the driveway standing at the foot of the Big Hollow Tree, And my Uncles and my Dad had this habit of Placing bottles of Beer around it and hiding it under the piles of lumber and 2×4s that were around the tree, so Brane told me to Find them, and Smash them, he told me it would be fun. so I looked and I must have found at least 20 full bottles, So I got to smashing some of them. And I made a mess, broken glass was everywhere, Beer running everywhere running down the dusty lane like a river.

So then Brane told me to Play in it, like playing in the mud, so I did. BIG MISTAKE. I smelled like Beer, and I was covered in it and Muddy/dirty beer. And I even cut myself on the shards.  So I screamed. And I ran to the House. Brane Laughing the entire time, Laughing like a Demonic Clown, Similar to the Recent SlimJim Commercials where the Little “Spicy-Side” demon Laughs at the End after saying Snap into a SlimJim.  Well Brane laughed a little something like that, only Louder and in a lower tone of voice.  My Grandma had to clean me off with buckets of hot water before she could dress my wounds. I Had glass in my Feet and Arms, and in my Behind as well. Well she asked me what happened I came up with a fib, I got in trouble, but my Uncles and Dad got in even more trouble and they were forced to clean the mess I mead, and that really made them mad at me. Well, this wasn’t the end of the crap Brane got me into. One I Remember a little better that happened about a month or so later, for some reason I had to get on top of out 6 foot high Refrigerator,(I don’t really remember what was up there or why I wanted up their so bad, but I’m sure Brane was behind it)

So he told me to get a chair and use it, so I did, I reached the Handle of the Freezer-Door and clung to it, I put my foot in the handle of the Frig-door, it was like rock climbing, and I was scared, but I was angry because of whatever it was that was on top the frig. I finally reached the Edge of the top of the frig, I grabbed it, and I slipped. And I Hit the floor with a hard THUD.  It Hurt, But the Chair was moved, it was in the hall that led to the living room.  I hadn’t moved it, so who did, because I was the only one in the Kitchen, I don’t know where everyone else was in the house, Outside perhaps, or maybe still in bed, I don’t remember.  So when I hit the floor I laid there on my back trying to get up, I was kicking my legs and throwing my arms around to try and grab something to pull myself up, I couldn’t even roll over on my side to stand, something kept me glued to that spot, on my Back.  I was Screaming and Crying out of frustration, PURE FRUSTRATION, and All I could hear Was Brane’s Demonic-Clownish Laughter.

And something weird happened, my arms were grabbed by and invisible force, and so were my feet, I began Kicking myself with the heel of my feet, and Punching and Slapping myself, but I couldn’t stop it, it was against my Will, Brane would stop laughing.  And then His Laughter came through my own Mouth, I started laughing in his voice.  I don’t know how long I remained in that state on the floor, perhaps someone finally found me like that and snapped me out of it.  I just don’t remember, its like everything went dark. The memory of what happened afterward is just Gone.  So I don’t know how it stopped.  Well you can only imagine that things just got worse. And I had no one to tell.  I kept it all inside.  No one knows but me, and now You the person reading this. Brane got me into more and more trouble every day.  Once, he led me to that Barn at the End of the Lane.  I Never went near it before, because it didn’t look right, (To ME it didn’t) To me it looks Lopsided, Leaning on its right side, the Roof was halfway gone and sticking-up on the one side.  The Windows were in a Shape like an Angry-eyebrow, the double-doors were oddly proportion, one on the right was higher than the other and Bulged outwards in the middle, the top of it was slanting downwards. The Other door was slightly triangular.

Well, I don’t know how I got there, inside it, but there I was, during the day sunlight shining through the barn doors and windows, its almost like I sleep-walked right in there and woke-up. And the Inside was just as bad as the outside.  The Floor which was Gravel-stones, was normal and flat for maybe 3 seconds, then it heaved downwards in the middle, becoming a big dark hole, that was funnel-shaped. The stones around it were being sucked in like sand falling down through an hourglass. I however stood still and didn’t move, I was too afraid and amazed by what I was seeing.  I Just watched.  Then Brane said: “JUMP IN!”  I didn’t Budge, I just kept watching, And Brane Repeating himself over and over. “Jump in, jump in, jump in JUMP IN, JUMP IN!!!”  And then I heard something moving around in the dark hayloft, so I looked, but nothing was there but the blackest shadows you could ever imagine, even though the bright sunlight shone through the window in the hayloft they were blackened out by something I couldn’t see, just a black void of shadow in the hayloft.  Underneath the Hayloft however was a large Farm-Tractor that no one used, one of the back tires were going flat and one of the front wheels was unstable.  I could see the front of the tractor and the area above the seat behind the steering wheel, everything else was nearly as black as the hayloft.  And In front of that were two or 3 long thick chains that hung from the roof and dangled down to the gravel-floor, a left of 2 feet trailed on the floor and were so heavy they were hard to move.  Well,these chains started moving and rattling so I turned my attention to them.

They were indeed moving, one sway right to left, the other was the opposite, the moved more and more, they began to swing, one Clockwise in a circle, the other Counter-Clockwise. The kept swinging and moving faster and faster, lifting more and more off the ground. Then I heard the Tractor, it sounded like someone was trying to Start it. So I looked, I think the front wheels were turning but I don’t remember.  And then I looked towards the steering wheel, and what I saw was awful, there was a Big black shadow there, Tall, tall enough to be 5 feet or so. It was a Perfect silhouette.  Long skinny neck, pointed shoulders, the head was rather bulbous and it had high pointed ears, and small horns on the top of its head. I looked up at the Hayloft and there were Many black Silhouettes, some tall some short, all had the formation of Demons, similar to the one on the tractor.  I heard Not only Brane, but Many Voices in my Head and Outside, All horrible Mean and Nasty. Brane kept telling me JUMP IN, This horrible laughing started coming from the Demon on the Tractor. I Heard another voice up in the Loft “Play with US!”  I was scared, but I couldn’t move. I Heard a different Voice at my Ear, like a Loud Whisper: “RUN!!!”

So whatever it was that bound me broke, and I ran, The Driveway never looked so big and long, it seemed dark, the Hollow Tree seemed to be trying to stop me.  My Legs and feet feel so Heavy, I crawled on my hands and knees as fast as I could. When I reached the Porch I collapsed, I perhaps Fainted.  And the Rest I don’t recall.  It wasn’t the Last time I saw, heard and Felt something terrible. That was only the Beginning.  Well, there will be more to come, I will write more about what happened to me throughout my life.  But for Now, this is all.  I need time to myself now. If you’re interested in hearing about my other encounters, I’ll be glad to tell you on a later time.

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