I have always been fascinated by the supernatural, and yet with all my fascination I have only had one experience.

To tell you about myself, I grew up the only son of a pastor.  We moved about every two years, so I lived in several houses growing up. The house we lived in when I was 11 years old was left to my mother in my grandfather’s will.  He had received the house from his third wife in her will, as she had no children to leave it to.  Her and her late first husband had built the house sometime in the 30’s or 40’s.

Before we moved in to the house, we redid the flooring, as it was very soft in some spots.  While doing so we discovered dozens of jars filled with canned vegetables from decades ago.  We though this was odd.  After the repairs we moved into the house about six months after my grandfather had died.

I never really felt comfortable in that house, for one it was very small, but mostly there was just an unsettling feeling that you weren’t alone.  I can even remember my mom saying on several occasions that she did not feel comfortable there.

The night of my experience my little cousin was staying the night, she was about nine at the time.  She slept in my bed while I slept on a pallet on the floor.  About midnight she woke me up making noise on her way to the bathroom.  As I lay there awake I looked toward my bedroom door first only noticing the faint glow from the bathroom doorway.  Then as I looked, the faint figure of a man formed in my doorway.  I couldn’t make out any features except for the arms legs and head, it was just the figure of this shadowy h.appy- haha. tall man.  It sent instant fear into my 11 year old heart, I didn’t know what to do but cover up my head and hope it would go away, I never again slept in that house without covers over my head.

We didn’t stay in that house much more than two months before we sold the house and moved to a neighboring town.

Years later I told this story to my dad who in turn said that on several occasions he would wake up and see someone walk across the living room or see someone standing over his desk (which was in their bedroom).  I couldn’t say who the ghost was or why they were there I just know that we never truly felt comfortable or alone in that house.

My wife and I now live about one block away on the same street, sometimes I look out my kitchen window, see that house and wonder if the people living there now have the same uneasy feelings or sightings that my family and I have had.

Written by Chris Kinder, Copyright 2009

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