The difference between love and like is simple . Love is a very strong word and I'm gonna give you all of its powers. When you love someone, you like them for there "every" smile, laugh, facial expression, every touch. You cheer them up when there sad. You always know what to do,what to say, and how to say it.You'll be there at there side forever and never leave it. You'll have your moments together whenever you can , but always at the right time . Your not afraid or embarrased to say,"Hey, I'm going out with (example) Brian and I'm not afraid to say it !!" That courage show's you love him/her. Your able to make your "boo" smile all of the time. You can always get him/her out of a bad mood. Whether it be a joke, a present, or maybe just you being there.Whatever it may be your able to do it just like a gun-shot. Instant, thats what you would call "instant love". If you have all of those elements toward your partner then you must love your partner a lot, but you know you got LOVE (: !!

     Now for liking someone that's a whole other story. Like is the point where you'd say,"Yeah, (example) Brian's my boyfriend." Now like isn't as strong as love at all. But it's strong only because it's in the same range as love.But I'll shorten it and just say two things you must never do CHEAT ON OR HIT YOUR PARTENER.As long as you don't do those 2 things your the perfect 2 pieces for the heart.

Topics: Love, Like, Hate
ok  i told baylee that i love her and when i told her that i did all thous stuff
  • March 8, 2009
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