OMFG YOU GUYS I GOT MY EYEBROW PIERCED LOL...u guys probably dont care but anyways yeah i did it was awesome and it didnt hurt the least bit so yay im so happy i finally got it peirced lol...Oh and im am sorry i havent been on yeah my old Cig of a computer(Lester) went out and had man *** with the internet and got an STD(a computer virus lol) and well he died from it and we couldnt revive him(or rather i didnt want to revive him cuz i wanted a new computer anyways lol)So i got a sexy NEW laptop yay..i named him Chazz lol i luff him 2 death.And hes safe when he plays with the internet lol...OH AND I GOT A BOSTON TERRIER PUPPY HIS NAME IS hes such a dork i luff him 2 lol...anyways i'll try to be on more guys i promise
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