Wtf? Ok, people leaving retarded messages on the Refrigerator on my page need to stop. First I'm pathetically "insulted" by being called stupid with no trace I am except "cuz u r" Next, I check my refrigerator today and a comment on it reads "WANNA-BE EMO"

This one pisses me off the most. Just because I have depressing days and am overly sensetive about love/romance doesn't mean I'm emo. Yes, I'm sensetive in some ways and drmatic about things. I'm not emo. I don't get emotionally unstable just because something makes me sullen and makes me want to hurt myself because of it. I would never stoop to emo. The only thing that would prossible inflict pain on me would be my own mind.

So please, let me vent myself in the way that I want and stop judging me and labling me. I'm more of a dork, geek, and nerd then anything else.

Topics: I'm, im, not, emo, and, this, is, pissing, me, off
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