About Us:

Carina:Carina is very..well...weird! She can be very very violent and likes to have fun...even if it means getting in trouble. She has jet black hair and is very proud of her style...she works hard and makes sure everything is perfect..well almost. LOL XD....she laughs alot almost as much as she makes everyone else laugh. If you ever run across her in a chat room...make sure to have a bandaid cuz who knows what`ll happen! People would describe her as funny,loud,creaqtive,and just a kick-as* chick who wants to be heard! She`s the INSANE MASTERMIND of the two....She comes up with all kinds of good comics and makes fun of Marilyn Manson popping from toilets!lol


Kat:Kat is carina`s BFF...she`s loud,and trys to calm carina down when she`s too pissed off. She`s very random and talks about hobo`s and trash cans...She`s german and Carina loves to bring that up all the time..She can be a little bit too stupid at times.But who cares? She`s a very good writer and thinks Carina will screw things up alot but she doesn`t! lol...She keeps Carina and her friends in line and like to eat waffels!She also likes to harras mailmen! lol ...She has to be heard all the time! Hippies make Kat laugh while she sleeps...FORGET ABOUT COUNTING SHEEP THIS CHICK COUNTS HIPPIES!! lol ...she`s too random but she`s cool like that!


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