okay...like I was watching the Tyra Banks show..(don`t even ask) i was bored. It was like 1:00am and i was sorta thristy and i wanted to stay awake so i could watch Jackass on MTV.So what better drink to keep you awake than...Coca Cola...so i went to my fridge to get some coke....but then...i saw the most freakin scary thing! MARILYN MANSON WASIN MY FRIDGE!!!

I was like...Hellz naw!!! WTF?? Marilyn what are u doing in my fridge?! He said...ohhh...ummm....I wanted to see if i could find a penny? and i just stared at him.....I liked his boots by the way...lol. So i grabed the coke and stared at him for a lil longer and closed the door...like as if nothing ever happend i closed it. So i then wanted some toast for some reason....so i got some bread and put it in the toaster and went back in the fridge for some butter..then i saw not only Marilyn Manson but......FLAVOR FLAV!!!!! WTF??? 


lmao xD
  • March 21, 2009
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