ok. i've had this account for like half a year. but i barely went on but now i'm on like everyday. hehehe. here's a little about myself:

i am 12 years old and live in canada. i like to draw, sing and go outside with my neighbours and friends and play hide and seek or cops and robbers. i have a little sister a couple years younger than me. i have very dark hair that's shortish -except before it used to be long. i sort of like school cuz i get really bored at home at times. but when i'm at school i always think: OMG when am I gonna get home?!?! is it lunch yet? and stuff like that.

my fave foods are pizza, chocolate, fruits. my fave animals are wolves and different wild cats. i also like fish (alive not cooked) i have a siamese fighting fish name Tsurami (i used to have one names Tsumi but he died like a week before my birthday ) i guess that's all i'll tell u about myself. and remember *be happy!!!* XD

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