10. when a girl came up and slaped a teacher on the a$$

9. A mean  punk lady in hot topic slaped a fat guy named steve cuz he put the merhendice in the wrong place AND SHE MADE HIM CRY!

8. When in hot topic a song about ' i dont care if i live on the streets' came on and a girl said "i love this song!!!"

7. A girl told us she was lezz and tried to rape us

6. a kid was eating by the trash can

5. When carina heard ' Rhonda my jello is to squshy!!' in her backyard

4. A kid threatend to kill us with a sandwich

3. when we had pretsols in our locker and mrs. seacow  was coming torwards us as soon as we opened 'em

2.this kid was talking to a buritto about how horibal his life was, and that the buritto was his best friend

1. a boy was sitting on the concret leaned against a wall reading a book about cat's

thnkz for reading


Kat and carina


  • March 27, 2009
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