My life starts here
in a tornado
i had many fears
it just goes to show

I was sent here
they said
to destroy that fear
but now im pretty much dead

They came for me
but they never got it
i started to flee
but i fell into a black pit

i started there
lying dead
like i said
i still had one fear

If you really know me
you will see
that theres something else
inside of me

I have a way with words
as you can see
i never desiceve
thats all you've heard

I broke many souls
started a friend
she was the one
that will stay till the end

She's on my list
of friends on here
i stopped making fists
shes the cure
for my fear

im out of that pit
all thanks to her
now im different
things start to stir

believe me
i know what i do
i cried and cried
thats how i got through

you cant break me
you cant touch me
im not a fake
it goes on as such and such

well now you know
shes the one
who had the cure
to one fear of mine
and it was her

Topics: poem
awesome! i think its  really good (:
  • August 11, 2009
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its cool
  • May 9, 2010
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