Ameyrius is the middle sister. She's 15 years old. I haven't really thought up a story for her yet, but I'll try to make her's interesting:

  A magical girl. A goddess. "That's what I'll become, if even for a while, if I accept this challenge." The girl thought excitedly. The strange hooded figure stood before her, holding out a badge-like thing. "If you accept this challenge, take this symbol and put it on." The hooded creature held out the symbol to her invitingly. The symbol was violet and was in the form of three wavy lines, all connected. "You may wear it any way you wish." The hooded creature added. The girl extended her hand and reached for the symbol. "This is it. I'll become a magical being. Everyone will adore me, I`ll be loved by everyone. Everything will be perfect. The girl clasped the symbol onto her belt buckle. The area flooded with violet light.

  Next is Karolynne, who is second oldest and is 17 years old. I haven`t thought up a story for her either but I thought of some good ideas while I was typing up Ameyrius`s story:

  She lounged on top of the wall, staring blankly ahead. A tap on her arm brought her from her trance-like state. The girl looked down and found a boy she recognized from her class gazing up at her. "Yeah?" she frowned. Yep, she recognized this guy. He was a total player who had dated practically every girl in their grade. "Um..." the boy faltered. "Smooth, real smooth." The girl on the wall thought, amused. How was it that this guy dated so many girls when he couldn't even think up a good icebreaker? His next remark caught her off guard, "I was just going to ask, would you like to come to the park or maybe to the museum with me?" He said it in such a sweet and honest way that she nearly absent-mindedly said yes. "So that's how this guy does it. He knows the type of guy a girl likes then acts that way to hypnotize them. Better than I thought. The museum, eh? This could go better than I expected." she pondered. "I'd love to join you in going to the museum." the girl flashed a fake-honeyed smile. As she vaulted off the wall, she began planning her next thievery.

  That was longer than I planned... Anyway, onto Aikou. Her story is the second that I've started on. Aikou's the eldest sibling, 20 years old. There's a picture of her in my drawings- if you've seen it, you may have noticed that she's an angel:

  "I can't believe I'm doing this." the angel muttered under her breath. "I abandoned my little sisters just to do THIS. Well, it's not like I had much of a choice..." The teenaged angel stepped gracefully up the cloud-marble steps. Each step took her closer to the Gate of Light. It shone fiercely and would've blinded any other being, but she wasn't any other being. She was an angel. Finally, she reached the top and stood right outside the blinding gate."This is it." she thought and stepped through to her new abode. An angel with looks that screamed "perfect" greeted her. She took a deep breath. "Angel of Love and Valentine's Day, reporting for duty."

  Coming up with these previews was brain-racking. I hope it was worth it, though. If nobody reads these two entries, man wll I be ticked. Please tell me what you think of the stories. PLEASE? *puppy eyes you* Hahaha

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