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Don’t quit when the tide is the lowest for it’s just about to turn.<o:p></o:p>

-John Wolf<o:p></o:p>

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This story gyrates around a lad called Scott McCain. He is from one of the crown families in America living in California State, Los Angeles. The only thing he sternly deems is that he has striking physique.

He has glossy black silky hair forming gentle curves on his brow. Not to mention his alluring cerulean eyes that kills nearly every individual.  He is blond with charming crimson cheeks. He is long-legged and has a winsome figure. You must be knocked out from his looks, but my purpose here is not to mesmerize any person.

Simply, I thought sharing bits of his life would be a little useful. It’s from the silly crimes that he committed to the morals he gained from them. And about the times when everyone thought he’d be hopeless but he proved himself to be hopeful.

Scott McCain was born in one of the well-known hospitals in Los Angeles. His parents were exceedingly rich as his father owned a business of celebrity fashion-design clothes. He had his private limited company named TNF Private limited (Ltd).

This is how it all begun:

Monday…LA INT. HOSPITAL…7:30am… 1 December.<o:p></o:p>

“Mrs. McCain, congratulations! You had a baby boy!” the nurse declared cheerfully as she made her way in to the room

“Oh! That’s lovely.” Mrs. McCain responded with poise.

 “Recently, some babies from the ward have gotten missing; so to prevent that we want you to name the baby at the point,” she opened the register to inscribe the name.

Just then Mr. McCain stepped in to the room and articulated, “Congratulations Sugar, we got a son.”

Mr. and Mrs. McCain, both were really well in looks. Mr. McCain had ebony hair that made his fair color stand out. He had coffee brown eyes which showed his arrogance. He had a good height and an awe-inspiring figure. He was nearly forty years old but yet looked like a smart personal. However, Mrs. McCain had straight blond silky hair, and azure shiny eyes. Her lips and cheeks were cherry red.  She was a complete model of attention for any man. Mr. McCain was proud to have such a belle wife.

 “Why thank you darling!” Mrs. McCain voiced smiling. “Sweetie pie, the nurse wants us to name the baby, got any?!”

“Like what?”

“Like Alexander, Mike, John, Austin, or maybe Scott!” the nurse suggested a few names as sample.

“What was the last name young lady?” asked Mr. McCain snapping rapidly.

“Sc-o-tt?” she said in blend of stun and surprise.

“What a beautiful name it is, isn’t it Jul?!” said Mrs. McCain passionately.

Jul was what Mr. McCain liked to be called; his actual name was Julius McCain the Fifth. Julius, in short, had seven more brothers other than him. On the family tree; there were four brothers who were older than him and three who were younger than him. McCain family’s ancestors belonged to Spain.  It was another story that Julius McCain fell in love with an American woman and preferred her as his amour.

“Yes, it’s perfect,” appreciated Mr. McCain.

“Scott it is then,” said Mrs. McCain.

Hannah Harrison was often known as Jelly Beans. She was given this nick by her family which was later adopted by her fiancée too. She was a pure American who was irresistible gorgeous.

“Now there, you’ve got the name you wanted. You may leave,” said Mr. McCain pointing at the exit.

The nurse was totally staggered upon what Mr. McCain had said. Most of all, the way they chose the name was simply abysmal.

Ever thought about your own name? How might have your parents picked it up for you? I’m sure that this was what they would never do to you. When a child is born most of the parents, I won’t say all of the parents, take quite a time to pick a name, no matter how promptly it is required.

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Monday…LA INT. HOSPITAL…4:00pm…1 December<o:p></o:p>


After assuring the checkout Mr. McCain gave a hand to his wife and headed for the exit. As they were nearly out, the receptionist called out.

“Mr. and Mrs. McCain aren’t you forgetting something?” asked the receptionist.

“Invoice?” questioned Mr. McCain and sustained, “really, you can keep it.”

“No…something besides the invoice,” she tried to help them guess.

“Missy, I don’t like to play guess.” Mr. McCain got serious this time.

The receptionist got a 5oomega volt shock. What did she do?! She asked herself.

“Your baby…” said the nurse from the back.

“Oh that lovely creature! How can we forget about him?” the couple voiced together in flabbergast.

“May I have the name of your baby?” said the nurse while skimming through a note pad she was holding on to.

“Yeah…name,” said Mr. McCain thoughtfully. “It was…um…something like…”

“Sherlock!” said Mrs. McCain.

“No honey, that is so un-cool.”

This is what happens if you don’t pay consideration to something.

The receptionist and nurse looked at each other. “Wow! They literally forgot their baby’s name.” whispered the nurse to the receptionist.

And the receptionist nodded in conformity.

“Maybe it was Sidney,” Mrs. McCain made another guess.

 “Too long!” said Mr. McCain.


“Too short!”

“Mr. and Mrs. McCain is Scott McCain your son?” asked the nurse once again skimming through the notepad.

“YES!” Mr. McCain said acting as if he knew the name already, “How can I forget such a lovely name, Smott.”

“No, Scott,” corrected the nurse.

The receptionist looked at the nurse with her eyes almost popping out with shock. The nurse rolled her eyes away from the peculiar couple and went away.

Later she bought the baby in a pram and handed it over to the McCain family yearning that the baby stays alive for a few years.




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