Now, people. This is a blog that this is about the friend request confusion. And now, I'm gonna talk about it. Now, the first time if I go to my account, I wouldn't just get to see the other people, and nowadays, I've got confused for saying yes or no for friends request. I think I've messed up my account, because on my main page, I have 30 new friends request. Nobody's answering me so I made a new poll that if you still asking me to be friends or you change your mind. If you vote that you're still asking me to be friends, then I would be friends with you guys, but if you vote that you change your mind, then I would just wouldn't. So I messed up my account and it needs to be fixed. All right? If you fix my account like that, then I'll have my account all normal again! So that's gonna be a help!

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