St. Bernard's Home For Hopeful Orphans...St. Bernard's Home For Hopeful Orphans is where young Petunia started off. Her last name will not be mentioned because she doesn't have one, but not yet.

                                         Chapter 1

        We start of at the orphanage on a regular day for Petunia working in the yard. "Flo, you can come in now!" her caretaker called to her. Her nickname was Flo since a petunia is a flower. Anyways, Flo went back inside her small house inside the orphanage. "You've got mail" her caretaker said. "But I never get mail" " Well you've got mail, so you can open it" Flo opened it and all it said was the upcoming events for the orphans. "It's just nothing, it's never anything, my parents won't even bother to find me if they were even alive!" she said and ran to her room. "Flo, we've already went over this!" Marg said, which was the caretaker's name. But Flo wasn't listening..All she was doing was crying and moping like she always would. She would always tell herself her life was horrible and that nothing ever happened in her life that was good.

    When she calmed down she looked around in her room. A lamp, a desk, a bed, and a old poster from the circus she found was all that was in there and a couple of books from her 11th birthday. A knock then came at her door and replied " Flo, dinner's ready if you want to come out." Flo went to the door and slowly opened the rusty handle. Marg was walking back to the kitchen while Flo followed her. "I knew you would come out to food" Marg said when she saw her. Flo just smiled and sat down next to her orphan brother Jake. "Been crying on about your parents again hey Flo?" Jake said. "Be quiet, at least I actually show emotion and I'm not some guy who just sits around using the only fundimental thing we have THE PHONE!" Flo replied. "You two stop fighting" Marg said while she put bowls of soup in front of them. "Tomato Soup?" they both said in shock. "We only have that like once a year!" Jake yelled. "Well, the boss probably felt nice this month and gave us extra" " Nice!" Flo chided while eating up her soup.

     When dinner was over Flo put away the dishes and went to her room again. She took out one of her books called "Combing the Art of Everything." She flipped to a random page and it went to making your own erasers. "Pretty cool" she thought. Take a simple rock and make sure it is clean and smooth. Then mix some baking soda with water and rub it on the rock. Next tape some waxing paper into the shape you want the eraser and paint the waxing paper the desired color. Lastly, bake the eraser for about 10 minutes and let it dry. "Weird way, but I'll try it one day" she thought again to herself. She put the book away and fell asleep.

To be Continued.....

Good huh? XD

* Chapter 2 coming soon


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this left me wanting more in think i will continue good job
  • April 26, 2009
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Quote:Originally posted by: pigletlh2othis left me wanting more in think i will continue good jobthx a lot
  • April 27, 2009
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