hello there... its has come to our attention that.........

 1) we have not written a blog in a while

2) whenever we want to write a blog we have nothing to say

So we have a soulution to this problem... ~ A CREEPY KID NEWPAPER!~ the ppl who know us know that we don't  normal lives.... far from it... so whats the point in writing about every single freakin` thing that happend during the week??? see there is no point..so we might as well make a new's paper during the weekend! IT'S BETTER THEN A FXCKING TIMES MAGAZINE! and for you guys A PLAYBOY!  so whenever you log in on the weekend and are very bored start checking them out!

- kat the waffle princess


theres no way in hell its better than a playb..... um... i said nothing! xD
  • April 29, 2009
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