This is a part of a book supposed to explain the series Full Life Consequences.
This book was written by Squirrel King

Hero Beggining

In the future the world was dark and scarry. One day Combines came and noone knew why. Combines were robot things that werent robots with ugly faces and sometimes glowing eyes and slaved people in the city and made them angry and sad. Henry Freeman who was living in the city and with his mom said “mom why are Combines here” and she said “Henry Freeman Combines are from science and outter space and hate humens.”

Henry Freeman realy hated Combines because they beat up every one and Henry Freeman hated it. “mom why are they beating up that girl!” Henry Freeman said to his mom. “Because she is humen Henry Freeman, and they are evil Combines” Henry Freemans mom said back.

“Hey you Combines stop beating her up you evil guys!” Henry Freeman yelled loud at them. “Shut up kid or you will pay!” the Combines said and aimed there lazer guns at Henry Freemans head. “Combines dont aim your lazers!” yelled mom then the Combines shot her and laughed “Ha ha stupid humen girl with no head” they said with smiles.

Henry Freeman grabed his moms hand and said “mom you were beautiful soul and Combines will pay.” “Henry Freeman no get out of here fast as you can...” Henry Freemans mom said and died. Then Henry Freeman grabbed a wepon and shot the Combines in the heart and said “this is not over.”

The people around Henry Freeman cheerd and smiled and said “good job Henry Freeman we hate those Combines!” Combines made people fraid and when Henry Freeman killed them it gave them hop.

“Combines we are not scarred no more!” said Henry Freeman and every one around Henry Freeman said “YEAH!” and grabbed lazer guns and rocks. Henry Freeman and the people walked fast like waves and went towards to the Combine tower that was big like the sky.

“Where do you humen think you are going?” a big Combine army with lots of striders said.

“To send you back to science and outter space!” Henry Freeman yelled with mad “ATTACK THE COMBINES!” Henry Freeman yelled again.

The war was going and blowing things up when Henry Freeman saw a gravity gun on the ground. “Combines it is time to do what has to be done and live up to my family name” Henry Freeman wispered with head down.

The Combines were shoting people and steping on them with stiders and people were shooting lazer guns back and killing them sometimes. Explosions like 10 times of the sun went around Henry Freeman but Henry Freeman didnt care.

“Humen kind is losing and I need to help” Henry Freeman said. Then a big rocket came down and blew a guys arm off and legs and head and killed other people too.

Henry Freeman saw the dead going on all around. The Combine were to strong and big but Henry Freeman didnt care neither. Henry Freeman put the gravity gun on and started to throw striders and at buildings. The bildings fell and made dust and smoke and blinded Combines so Henry Freeman culd use the gravity gun to throw them into the sky realy high and make them squish.

The people were wining but then glowing things went in the sky and Combines came out. “Henry Freeman we have to go out of here!” a guy said to Henry Freeman. “No they are all every where!” another guy said.

“You are surounded prepair to die” the dark man said.

Henry Freeman lookd around. Combines with lazer guns were there. Henry Freeman knew if humens lost now it would be sad for ever.

“FIGHT” Henry Freeman yelled.

People runned toward the Combines to kill them and the Combines were going to shoot all the people in a second when a brite light came in teh sky. A shiny thing like the Combines came from opend in the sky and a guy came out.

“Combines leave my son alone” John Freeman said.

to be continued...?

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