OMGEE!!! So much is happening! I want you guys to look at this....

LOL okay...not really..LOOK AT THIS!!!!----------->

Okay..this is LADY Gaga with out her makeup..well some of it..i couldn`t find the one with NONE at ALL. This woman knows how to cover crap up....i`m glad that 99% of the time she does! Despite all the negative attentio nshe has been getting i leave her with NO mercy! PPL have been calling her a SLUT and you may think she is from England but..NO!!!! SHE LIES!!! She is in fact a New yorker! OOOooooopppssss!!!!!

enough about that old hag....

Don`t you jsut hate it when the two people you really hate love eachother....well here it`s REALITY!!!! should know them!


lol lady gaga isnt really putting on make up.. she is just getting punched on the face all the time and it looks like make up
  • June 16, 2009
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