OK. School. BORING! I have 5 great teachers at my school, to be honest. Well, one of them is my current teacher. She is probly the best dancer i know. I have one teacher that sticks out as RUBBISH. For example, in maths, she gives us about 20 sums like "1/2 of 10" or "20+2". EASY Unhappy I like a challange. After that, she gives us a coloring. DULL coloring like a bowl of porridge. I don't like porridge. But my teacher gives us a choise: take a challenge or check your answers with a calculator. Another one of the 5 great teachers plays the guitar really well. He makes the lessons fun by making up songs on that. He also rewards people that work hard and rewards everyone at the end of each half term (I am only in primary school)Smile You remember that teacher who gives us colourings? Yeah. I reported her to the head teacher, who is also my cousin, and she said she would sort it but didn't do a thing. Plus, I broke my leg a few weeks ago. She said that she would make sure she swapped classrooms for then (I am in Year 4; the classroom is upstairs and you cant go upstairs on crutches)and guess what? She didn't. It was like she didn't care Unhappy which clearly upset me, knowing she was my 'caring cousin'. P.S. This was the first blog I have ever written
  • March 6, 2010
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