Everyone has probably seen a fight happening on live chat right? I know I have many times. If you haven't you do not want to see one.

Why do people fight and start cussing at each other? I don't know why cause sometimes I go on live chat and the fight has already started. I think I should report them but sometimes I don't know who's cussing and fighting. I try to stop the fights but they never stop. So I figure I just leave.

I mean they fight by making different rooms saying what they wanna say! So where everyone can see it. I think I've been in a fight before and I'm sorry. If you think about it, it seems so silly to be fighting over something you forget about 5 minutes after the fight is over or anything. I think Live chat is just somewhere you can communicate with your friends and other members. Not some place where you fight and cuss! Think about yourself after your in a fight and cussing? What do you feel like?

If my blog causes something to happen to Live Chat then I'm sorry I just wanted to ask a few people...Have YOU ever gotten tired of people fighting on Live Chat?

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Lmao, I'm tired of that too... That's why I don't go on Live Chat.  Really,  it's kinda stupid to act childish and fight over something stupid. xD  I've been in fights before... and it was pathetic watching someone use caps, mispell, cuss, and talk random nonsense
  • July 3, 2009
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