Man... time suuure flies by huh? it feels like one minute your born then after an hour your just... living by your self now, away from your family, having a job....  kids.... then death... I am really not threatening you please, But.. if you just try to have an actuall flashback on what happened the past few years, just..thinking about the joy being a kid... riding on top of your fathers back, chatting a playing with your friends in the playground... think deeply.... cant much huh? you cant get an actuall and clear flashback or review on what has happened in a few years, not even last year. Time just flies... alot.. expecially when your having fun, with your friends, or even having a party. you just cant THINK of what actually happened. And looking at the videos of when you were a child, so playfull, cheery and happy.... And now look, you've grown up reall fast and just about to leave your dear family with your parents, and enter a new life wherein YOUR the parent now.  Even i feel scared... very i dont want to leave i want to stay as a child with my parents, friends and family, i will MISS them. I dont ever want to leave, But face it, we will never live forever there will be a time wherein you'll lose it all...

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