Disclaimer: I do not own half of the story. (just making sure thats out of the way)

Anyways..Me and mah fwend made this kool story! So, I decided to share it without her permission.  That means that ill put up one chapter next week! No, the story will not be boring..infact it has some of the people from this website included.

Character Info: girls

Kamiya Kyaserin
16 yrs old
June 18, 1990

-Red (hair)
Jade Green [Eyes]
Pale {skin}

Yukihiro Claudia/16 yrs old
September 23, 1990

-Black (hair)
Sapphire Blue Eyes
Pale Cream

Sagara Anbaa
16 yrs old
March 19, 1990

-Chocolate Brown
Hazel Eyes
Pale Cream

Madariaga Ai
16 yrs old
December 26, 1990

-Midnight Blue
white eyes
Pale Cream


himura Jake
17 yrs old
July 10, 1990

-Raven /Black or Dark Blue
grey eyes
Pale Cream

Nari Sano
16 yrs old
September 29, 1990

Blue Eyes
Slightly Tan

Sugimara Shinta
17 yrs old
July 9, 1990

-Black/red hair

Oniwaban Soujiro
16 yrs old
October 14, 1990

If you wanna be in it, just tell me! I'll give out more info when I post the story up next week! ^__^


My P.O.V

I sat at my desk bored. That's when I saw Shinta trying to catch an eye floater..idiot. "HAHAHAHAHA!!! I ALMOST GOT IT! COME HERE YOU LITTLE.." his voice trailed off when Claudia smacked him over the head with her note book! Shinta fell over with his usaul expression. "Oro?" @_@

"That was so mean of you Claudia!" he said. "Ya ya" she waved her hand to dismiss the situation. Soon, Mr. hat [ ya, I know i suck with names TT.TT] stepped in. He took a seat in his chair, opened his p**n book and read silently. We stared at him all with the same expression expressing: What the fxck? "YOU as****e, GIMME BACK MY COOKIE" as someone shouted outside the shogi door. "NOT UNTIL YOU SAY IM NOT A PERVERT, BAKA!" Came another reply. " WELL MAYBE IF YOU DIDNT PEEK IN THE GIRLS LOCKER ROOM SO MUCH I WOULDNT CALL YOU THAT!" Oh wow..things did not seem good... "FXCK OFF! ATLEAST IM NOT THE ONE THAT GOT MY HEAD STUCK IN CLAUDIA'S b***s!" My left eye twitched slightly. I slowly walked out into the hallway with a pen. " YA WEL- Oh hey koiishii" (1) My anger flared up lets see..um maybe a little..no i would say ALOT. "Sano..Jake..." I said in a sickly sweet voice. Jake looked unfazed, but Sano..oh ho ho..he looked scared. "Yes, Kya-chan?" he asked nervously. "YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT, I WILL BEAT YOU TO A BLOODY PULP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled. Jake calmly walked into the classroom, but now without muttering 'imbeciles' I turned my head to him and said in a low voice "I heard that" (ok lemme stop right there. wtf is with me in this story?) I sighed and turned to Sano. "remember that time with the flying pigs?" he asked suddenly.


"You know Kya-chan..I'll need a new nickname for you because you dont like koiishii.." Sano said with a hint of amusement in his voice. A vein popped up onto my head. "Maybe you should call her Jou-chan!" Shinta suddenly said after he poped out of nowwhere. 'hmph, the day Sano starts calling me Jou-chan will be the day that pigs will fly' I thought with a cocky smirk on my face. "Alright, I shall call you Jou-chan for now on!" he said happily!

That's when my world turned upside down..I quickly ran to the window closet by and started yelling "WHERE ARE THEY!!??!?" I franticlly looked over the school yard for any sign of flying pigs. "Excuse me Jou-chan who exactly 'they'?" Shinta asked curious. "THE FRIKEN' FLYING PIGS!!! WHERE THE FXCK ARE THEY?!" I shot back.

Sano and Shinta anime sweatdropped... " Sano, what the hell is she on?"

"I have no Idea.." he replied "You know Jou-chan..Drugs are not the way to go and I think I migh-" he was cut off by being kicked in the nuts.

"Im not on drugs its just that flying pigs, tooth fairys, santa, midgets, and smart people are a conspircy." I said.

'wow.. she is so on drugs no matter what she says' The two boys thought.

~end of flashback~

Ya ya it sucked, so what ? >.>

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