Ahhh!!! okay people i was GROUNDED off the computer yesterday and the day before. I was so bored i looked like this!


This evil person locked me in a tower!

AKA my mother.


and why did i get grounded this is what happened..../

Well i was just hanging out in my room liek these people

listening t to some music when my sister laura comes in....this is her...

I told her to get outta my room like twenty five times! and she still didn`ty get out so i yelled at her and sorta used vilence to get out and as Jhon Lennon says. (violence leads to more violence) that happened and i got grounded...THE END

lol thts funny
  • July 23, 2009
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Dont feel left out your not the only one that gets introble for a younger sibling commingin your room, makeing a mess, yealling screeming, you yell at them 1 time and BOOM... Done for.And im talking about my 12 year old sister -_-
  • August 8, 2009
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