So anyways....If you clicked here and are bored listen to some of this old crap that I left out of my mind and under my bed like a teddy i just remembered. it`s like a trip down memory lane! LOL okay here is one

Don`t kill me for this one! PLEASE!!!! It might be a little hickish i know but it`s a great song... by The White Stripes, You don`t know what love is. Old great song i remember listening to it on MTV.

Okay so there was that one! And now here is one by  The Cure. Old and awesome! I totally forgot about this. When i went to blockbuster with Kat i heard it and I was like I love that song. Kat thinks it`s happy but yeah...okay...Here it is..Friday I`m In Love..

I LOVE The way they made that video okay now for the next one...

Okay some of you may remember this one! If you do good for you and if you don`t...WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU??? LOL This is another awesome video made twenty thousand friends and I love to sing along to this one!

It makes you feel pissed right? lol

Okay if you feel so bored sometimes you could eat some cow crap this is your theme song of the moment. I think we all feel like this at one point of time.. Green Day old school Longview!

Now I warn you if you have mental issues or get disturbed easily then don`t watch this one! I`M DEAD SERIOUS HERE!!!!

Okay We got through that one! lol I had fogoten all about that one now here is another one! It`s actually not that old but i forgot about it! It`s pretty awesome! Enjoy and goodbye!

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