A Baby Eevee named Merrca lived with her parents, Marvee, a Jolton, and Falvee, a Flareon. One day, Merrca's worst day happend:
Falvee: Merrca, I gotta go, Marvee, Take care of her.
Marvee: Oh, Falvee, I'm going with you!
Falvee: But you can't! It's too dangerus!
Marvee: I'm going anyway.
Falvee: Merrca, I exspect you to stay here.
Merrca: Daddy, *sob*Why do I have to stay?
Falvee: It's to dangerus.
And so,
Falvee, And Marvee Went off and left Merrca behind.
Merrca's Parent's never retured; That made her travel. One day, Merrca got to Icy Mountin.
Halt!! Who goes there?!!?
Merrca: I'm Merrca. Who are you?
Glade:i I'm Glade, Guardion of Icy Mountin.
Merrca: I......lost my parents, *sob*
Glade: Awwwwwww.......
Merrca: *rubs on  Glade*

Part 2 will come soon

DONT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

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